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  1. SixThreeOh

    Missing Fish

    I have probably around 100 fish in this tank, but I can't see any.
  2. SixThreeOh

    Manacapuru Angelfish 'Super Red'

    Just picked up six Manacapuru Super Reds from RedFishBlueFish. I figured I'd start a thread to post progress pictures of their transformation from normal looking angels to red angels. They're all about 2-3 iches right now. The smaller ones not showing any signs of red and the larger ones...
  3. SixThreeOh

    Birthday Fish

    So my LFS got two Myloplus sp. Greens in. I really wanted to snatch them up immediately knowing how rare they are and silver dollars being my favorite fish. They also look a lot greener than I thought they would in person, but decided against it since I'm buying a house next week. Went in today...
  4. SixThreeOh

    Geophagus Brasiliensis Fry

    My geos spawned awhile back. Here's the pair. Here's a video of the fry.
  5. SixThreeOh

    Apisto ID

    Any thoughts?
  6. SixThreeOh

    Freshwater Sponges

    Anyone have them in their tanks?
  7. SixThreeOh

    I Just Found 4 Crawfish In My Tank.

    So I've had a self-cloning crayfish for about a year now. Unfortunately, she hasn't reproduced at all. She'd hold her eggs for a few weeks then drop them. I've tried different temps, tanks, tank mates, no tank mates, etc, but no luck. She's currently in a 25 gallon tote with another self-cloning...
  8. SixThreeOh

    Pagoda Snails (brotia Pagodula)

    Anyone keeping them? I picked up four the other day and realized there's not much info on them. Mine are all very active so far. They appear to be live bearers like MTS, so hoping for a lot of babies.
  9. SixThreeOh

    Lily Id Wanted.

    Saw this at a pet store and they wouldn't sell it or knew what it was.
  10. SixThreeOh

    Paratilapia Polleni Spawn

    Bought four paratilapia pollenI (black diamond cichlid, starry night cichlid, markely) juveniles a few months ago. Too young to sex, but it looked like 3 females and a male. The male and a female paired up, so I moved them tot heir own tank. No spawning for a few weeks then the male decided it...
  11. SixThreeOh

    Peaceful Crayfish Killed Her First Guppy

    I got a crayfish a few weeks ago and she has been incredibly peaceful. She let's guppies and their fry eat the same pellet she's eating and doesn't even try to run them off. Today I got home from work and found her first kill. She had molted and the guppy swam into the tail of her molt and died...
  12. SixThreeOh

    Crayfish Decoration

    I recently got a self cloning crayfish. She's not even berried yet, so I haven't bothered creating an aquascape around her. Obviously a PVC pipe structure is the most practical, but isn't very visually appealing. I was thinking a mound of large rocks, but that seems only slightly better. Anyone...
  13. SixThreeOh

    Feeding Fish Seeds

    For some fish, seeds are the primary source of their diet in the wild. I'm curious if anyone actually feeds seeds to their fish. If so, what kind? My fish get seeds from various fruits (blackberries, tomatoes, cantaloupe, etc) but those are just occasional treats.
  14. SixThreeOh

    Aquaillumination Freshwater

    Anyone have it? Thoughts?
  15. SixThreeOh

    Mystery Snails Won't Lay Eggs

    I have about 15 Mystery Snails between my tanks. I've been keeping my water level down for them in all my tanks, and there's always plenty of food for them. There's a nonstop snail , but never any eggs. Any tips to get them to lay eggs?
  16. SixThreeOh

    Fun Centerpiece Fish

    Set up a tank in my uncle's office. He collects little toys, primarily Spongebob and Minions, so the tank is Spongebob themed. Current stocking is 9 tiger barbs and 5 cories.
  17. SixThreeOh


    Just got home from work and one of my silver dollars is covered in something. A few others have a little on their tail fins. This morning they were acting spooked and weren't that interested in food. Since I've been home they've been acting normal. Water parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10...
  18. SixThreeOh

    Amano Jailbreak

    I've had 5 Amanos since May. They were in a 75 with fish, but stayed hidden most of the time, so I moved them to a planted 20 and they loved it. Last week, I go to gather my laundry and find one of them all dried up. I know they're known for escaping, so I figured it happens. Sucks, but oh well...
  19. SixThreeOh

    Shrimp, Maybe, Id

    I trimmed the plants in my shrimp tank, and in the bottom of the bucket I had the trimming in, I found this guy. Who is he? Friend or food?
  20. SixThreeOh

    Getting Shrimp To Show Color

    My Blue Diamonds tend to stay black/chocolate brown the majority of the time. Water parameters are all good and they don't seem stressed/scared at all.
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