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  1. CTYankee79

    Fibers in water?

    Hi all looking for some help. I’ve noticed recently I have a lot of what looks like dust, or lint, or small fibers circulating throughout my tank. It doesn’t cloud the water at all, water looks clear from 5 feet away. The tank has been established for over a year. my filtration: an Aquaclear 70...
  2. CTYankee79

    BN pleco jumped…

    Man I’ve lost a number of fish since I started this hobby a year and a half ago but none of them have really upset me until this one. I’m converting my tank to dirted and while it’s being setup and ensuring no ammonia I have housed all my fish in a 29 gallon complete with filter heater lights...
  3. CTYankee79

    Prefilter intake sponge

    What does everybody use for prefilter intake sponges? I have an Aquaclear 70 on a 40B and I use the coarse sponge but its bigger than a soda can, very unsightly, and forces the uptake tube at an angle away from the back glass since it’s so wide. Doesn’t seem right.
  4. CTYankee79

    Converting to dirted tank

    Anybody have any experience converting an established tank to a dirt substrate? I have a 40 breeder that I will be converting in the coming week and looking for a little guidance. I imagine I would remove all substrate and fish into buckets. Get as much water out as possible. Put down about an...
  5. CTYankee79

    I never change my filter media

    I’m wondering if I should be changing my filter media out. My setup is a 40 breeder with a sponge filter and an Aquaclear 70. inside the Aquaclear I have a sponge on the bottom, then I have two pieces of filter floss, then I have a bag of ceramic balls on top. The tank has been running since...
  6. CTYankee79

    Acclimate to higher GH?

    Hi all, I recently moved and have the option at my new house to bypass the water softener (I did not have the option to bypass at my old house). My Gh will increase from 6 degrees to 17 degrees, and will no longer have sodium in the water which was used as the softening agent. Does anybody...
  7. CTYankee79

    Calling all water chemistry experts—and those with water softeners

    I have an interesting situation with my water that I’m hoping I can gain some insight into. I recently moved into a new house, it’s on a well with a water softener. As expected for the area I’m in, the water is quite hard with an associated high ph (8.2) and high kh (10). The last house I was...
  8. CTYankee79

    Pearl Gouramis vertical, mouth above surface of water

    I have 3 Pearl Gouramis, and 2 of them are vertical in the water with their mouths above the surface, like they couldn’t breathe. They are most certainly dead or nearly there. I just moved the tank on Sunday and everyone has been ok since. I tested water yesterday and had zero ammonia and...
  9. CTYankee79

    Moving my 40 breeder

    Hi all, I’m moving next week and need some advice with moving my 40b. It’s heavily planted and has about 30 fish in it, rasboras, Pearl Gouramis, Bolivian ram, Sterbai cories, BN pleco, some shrimp and snails. I originally wanted to leave the substrate and plants in but I really don’t think...
  10. CTYankee79

    I Haz pics trophy

    Just curious I’m looking through the trophies and one of them you get by posting pics to the media section. I thought I did that but no trophy. No big deal but just wondering what is the “media section” so I can post pics there.
  11. CTYankee79

    Is this duckweed?

    I’ve never had it, but my friend says his tank is over run with this. I believe it’s duckweed? Whats the best way to get rid of it?
  12. CTYankee79

    Future tank ideas

    What ideas does everybody have for tanks they want eventually? Could be your “dream” tank, or maybe you have one in progress. Perhaps you have an empty one lying around and trying to figure out to do with it. It might be a particular fish, biotope, or style you want to do. I haven’t been doing...
  13. CTYankee79

    Do Nerites just not like my tank?

    Does lack of nerite eggs mean they aren’t doing well? I expected to see white eggs everywhere but I haven’t seen any. I also rarely see the nerites, they’re usually hiding, I don’t see them eating, and when they move they are very slow. Very different than all the pest snails I have. Curious...
  14. CTYankee79

    Pearl Gouramis too skinny?

    I got a trio of juvenile Pearl Gouramis about a month and a half ago. They’ve been healthy and seemingly happy and eating. However I noticed that they really don’t seem to be growing, and seem rather on the thin side. A little bit bony and “angular”. I don’t know what’s normal for them though ...
  15. CTYankee79

    Help identify worm like object

    I found several of these on my glass lid. They are not moving at all. Is it snail poop? I have no idea. It almost looks like bloodworms. Between and 1/8” and 1/4” long. Also, in the last two pics, I have tons of of this detritus on the bottom. But it’s only in this one part of the tank. Is it...
  16. CTYankee79

    Rehome Bolivian Ram?

    I got a pair of Bolivian Rams about 2 months ago. In a heavily planted 40 breeder along with 3 Pearl Gouramis, several Sterbai Corys, and 15 Harlequin rasboras. there was some question as to the sex, most likely it is a male and female though. So the smaller one which is believed to be the male...
  17. CTYankee79

    Your experience with Amano shrimp

    So I purchased 5 Amano shrimp and added to my tank a few days ago. They were much smaller than most amanos I have seen at the store, I would say these were about .75”. I saw them quite a bit the first night they were in the tank, hiding in plants and moss and swimming around a bit, but I have...
  18. CTYankee79

    Gourami feeler “melting”?

    I noticed one of my juvenile Pearls feelers looks wispy and stringy. The best I could describe it is like a plant melting when adapting to a tank. So I’m not sure if it got damaged or nipped by another fish, but it’s still there, just wasting away. With a tiny amount of fuzz near the base. Could...
  19. CTYankee79

    Is this a parasite?

    2 harlequins with this: If it is a parasite, I have paracleanse should I treat with that
  20. CTYankee79

    Treat or euthanize

    I have a red eye tetra in a 10 gallon tank that started wasting away about a month ago. His belly has been sunken severely. It appeared to be a parasite, he had stringy white poop. We did a Fritz Paracleanse treatment a couple weeks ago but nothing has improved. I honestly can’t believe he’s...
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