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  1. mrjohn

    Power Supply for CO2

    So the end of the power supply that plugs into the solenoid broke. I am having trouble finding a replacement. I just need the adapter (bottom part with prongs) to plug into the actual power supply. I tried searching online, but no luck.
  2. mrjohn

    Most Vibrant Non-Livebearers

    I cannot keep up with the Platy explosions in my nieces 10 gallon, but she enjoys the brighter coloring that they offer. So, as the title suggests, recommendations for colorful, enthusiastic egg depositors that are comfortable in a 10 gallon. Side note: If anyone is in Massachusetts, I have...
  3. mrjohn

    Eggs of some sort?

    So many questions lately. These items in question don't look like shrimp eggs at all. Not even sure they're eggs, but someone more experienced can enlighten me. They're made up of a white, sorta square part with a yellow dot in the middle. They are not in clumps like shrimp sacks. They are all...
  4. mrjohn

    Small White Creatures in Water

    Me again. Never came across this before, but I just noticed that the blackwater tank is completely full of small white creatures that sort of wiggle through the water rather than swim. The larger ones which aren't very large look like they have two "legs" extending from the base. Water fleas...
  5. mrjohn

    Blackwater Leaf Smell

    The blackwater tank is coming along nicely but today I noticed that the wet leaf smell is getting stronger. I dont mind it, but my roomates may. Is this something that will become less potent as the leaves and other botanicals deteriorate? As you can imagine, it makes the room smell like a...
  6. mrjohn

    Blackwater Lighting

    I am trying to convert my 6 gallon cube to a blackwater, but I need some help with lighting. As of now the tank has an Aqueon planted clip on but I believe that it is too bright and caused the breakdown and restart of this tank. I had a huge green algae outbreak that I could not overcome...
  7. mrjohn

    Chili Rasbora

    Hey all. Anyone breed or have Chili Rasboras? Looking for 10.
  8. mrjohn

    Cats and Fish

    Much like my situation, my roommate and his fiancé split up. We talked last night, and apparently he has a maine **** cat that he is bringing into the home. He is a big cat. Naturally I'm concerned about my fish and the tanks. The 20 gallon has no lid and the light itself is expensive. I keep...
  9. mrjohn

    All fish in one corner

    Pretty odd behavior. Last night all the fish in my 20 were being their normal selves. When lights went on today I noticed that my honey gourami was extremely lethargic and I honestly thought that she would have passed by now. The other oddity is the hiding. The tetras and danios are just hiding...
  10. mrjohn

    Fishlore Dating

    There is a whole backstory to this, but has there ever been a connection purely due to this forum and a common ground? I also ask because
  11. mrjohn

    Ember Tetra Color

    My original 9 Ember Tetras from Petco never "deepened" in color. They remain a pale orange even with a mixed diet. Otherwise, they are active and healthy. I went up to an lfs recently to bring my total to 15 and these guys are vibrant. The 6 that I picked up are a beautiful deep orange. The...
  12. mrjohn

    Leopard Danios, Ember Tetras, and....

    I'm looking for another community fish that would look good color wise with Leopard Danios and Ember Tetras. I was thinking Black Neon Tetras but decided to consult the forum before I made an impulse purchase. I would like to avoid live-bearers. Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  13. mrjohn

    Poor Thing

    I just left Petco and caught a glimpse of this guy. He's a Rainbow, but not sure what type. I almost bought him or her but decided against it. Photos are not great.
  14. mrjohn

    True Honey Gourami

    I found a local, not so local shop that has these guys in stock. I want to make sure they're true honeys. I might make the trip today but it is an hour drive one way. What do you think?
  15. mrjohn

    A Sad State

    This is a bit of a rant. I am sure this has been ranted about before but what I've seen is just pure negligence. I've been on the hunt for Ember Tetras to add to my shoal, but because of Covid a lot of stores including the big box stores have limited supply of anything and avoid these guys for...
  16. mrjohn

    Ember Tetra Breeding

    This may not be breeding at all because my temperature isn't in the range for that but I have noticed that two tetras are always "missing." Initially I'm worried that one of them got sucked into the powerhead but as soon as I drop food they both swim out of hiding. I cannot confirm that they are...
  17. mrjohn

    True Top Dwellers

    Looking for suggestions of true top dwellers. I am raising my ember Tetras to 20 strong and I have shrimp for bottom dwellers. I re-homed my mollies, platys, and guppies so I want to avoid those. I have these in mind but I keep reading different opinions. Honey Gourami: I know it can be tough...
  18. mrjohn

    Type of Algae?

    Just noticed a bunch of this on my driftwood. I think there is some on one of my Anubias plants as well. Some type of Algae, hair algae maybe? This is in the 20 gallon which just finished a total rescape. The tank is stable but I figured that I would avoid most algae due to how heavily...
  19. mrjohn

    Raised White Spot on Betta

    I had a thread a few weeks ago about my Rasbora's but it included my Betta as well. I noticed a small white patch on his tail fin but it was the same on both sides so I thought maybe a color change. He is fairly young. Unfortunately, It seems to have raised and has become larger. It almost...
  20. mrjohn

    40 Breeder Plant Only Grow Out

    Snagging the intro from my other related thread! Warning! Super long intro! I've spent a lot of money on plants these past few months, and I've decided to invest in a grow out tank. I would like it to be for profit too. Now I know that there is a lot of competition. Local shops, Petco...
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