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  1. ReneaJordan

    Where to Rehome my butterfly koi "LEMON"

    I'm in Ohio and bought a butterfly koi, however me being me, not knowing what I know now, I just thought he was beautiful then I find out he's going to be HUGE and should be in a pond. So with that said, I'm giving him away, any suggestions where I can take him?
  2. ReneaJordan

    29 Gallon Tank Brown stuff on gravel and decorations

    I don't know what is going on, but my 29 gallon tank recently started this after my guppy had her babies (which are all gone). The tank just looks dirty and yellow anything I can do?
  3. ReneaJordan

    My butterfly koi lemmon

    I was given a pretty butterfly koi, however, I just seen today that it looks like he/ is losing their scales? I don't know what to do. Can somebody please help?
  4. ReneaJordan

    29 Gallon Tank Pregnant Guppy?

    I have a male and female guppy, my female looks pregnant, but the male keeps chasing her around the tank, is that normal? There's are some pics I tried to take a video but...
  5. ReneaJordan

    One filter bubbles and not other

    Hi, I am having foam (bubbles) from one filter system not the other. Pics below. Water parameters are good nobody dying. I just did a 50%water change and changed the filter that's not creating bubbles but not the other. I just rinsed it off.
  6. ReneaJordan

    55 Gallon Tank Water change

    I just did a 75% water change lastnight around 7:00 pm and you'll see why in the pictures. My question is how soon after do I retest. I'm anxious to know if it helped. I've lost 5 fish in a week
  7. ReneaJordan

    Help me identify my fish please

    Hi everybody. This is probably here somewhere but..... Here are the names of the fish I know I have. The big angel is obviously an Angel fish, I also have 2 rainbow shark, ones black and red and the other is like a pinkish. I have 2 dalmation mollies, and a pleco (I think). Oh yeah, I have...
  8. ReneaJordan

    55 Gallon Tank New.

    Hi everybody, but are you guys in trouble lol I recently started my aquarium but have went from a 3 gallon To a 22 gallon, now I'm in a 55 gallon, I've been bugging the groups in facebook so much. Thank you for adding me
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