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  1. GlennO

    65 Gallon Tank Stocking Central American

    Can you clarify the tank footprint?
  2. GlennO

    What species is this

    Plenty of food in that pond by the look of it.
  3. GlennO

    Malaysian trumpet snails.. floating in the top !!

    I have MTS in a couple of tanks and it’s quite common for me to find a number of them (usually small young ones) floating on the surface. They seem to accumulate overnight and are most often seen first thing in the morning after which most of them gradually drop to the bottom. Sometimes there’s...
  4. GlennO

    Plant advice and liquid fertilizer recommendations?

    Flourish Excel is glutaraldehyde which is not a fertiliser. I'd add some nutrients to the water column. You could use Flourish Comprehensive which contains mostly micro nutrients or if you have low nitrates & phosphates and a reasonable plant load an all-in-one fertiliser that contains...
  5. GlennO

    RCS issues lead to discovery of another possible problem

    They look close to 0 ppm, is that tank and/or tap? Sponge filters are fine especially for shrimp tanks. If it can be established that ammonia is not an issue other possible issues can be investigated such as hardness which should be tested as well. A pic of the tank might be handy.
  6. GlennO

    RCS issues lead to discovery of another possible problem

    Do you use Prime with water changes? The standard dose of Prime should be detoxifying the 1ppm ammonia in your tap water and the bacteria in your filters should be then processing it at least by overnight. I’m not sure why you get a continual 0.25ppm reading in your tanks. Suggests your...
  7. GlennO

    Looking for fun-to-watch schooling/shoaling fish

    I think potentially 20 or so. Some species are a little bigger than others. 'Spotted' (gertrudae) are about the smallest.
  8. GlennO

    Looking for fun-to-watch schooling/shoaling fish

    Pseudomugils are very active and regularly display and spar with each other.
  9. GlennO

    How long do you wait in between adding fish when stocking your tank?

    Well it's the ammonia level that governs the size of the BB colony regardless of how much bottled BB is dumped in. So you'd need to take it slow. My approach would be something like doubling the number of fish every couple of weeks. Since they'll be added in batches a QT tank would be...
  10. GlennO

    How long do you wait in between adding fish when stocking your tank?

    Depends on how it was cycled. If it was fishless cycled using 2-4ppm ammonia you can pretty much add all of your intended stock at once.
  11. GlennO

    Over a month cycling help

    You can bring the ammonia back up to around 2 ppm. The tank is cycled when you do this and the following day ammonia & nitrite readings are 0 ppm.
  12. GlennO

    Over a month cycling help

    What would be the reason for the water change? High nitrates will not harm the cycle as far as I know. Once cycled (it appears close) a large water change will be required prior to adding fish.
  13. GlennO

    Do neon tetras need a lid?

    I wouldn’t even contemplate it with my Rainbowfish. Occasionally I hear a loud bang when one hits the glass lid. Better for them to have a headache than to end up on the floor. With neons the risk would be much lower, but not nil. It’s a decision for the OP to make depending on how much risk...
  14. GlennO

    Do neon tetras need a lid?

    Not particularly known for jumping but any fish can jump if it gets a scare. You can reduce the risk by lowering the water level and adding floating plants but it does not eliminate it.
  15. GlennO

    Tank will not cycle! Help!

    Lack of substrate might be a contributing factor but I would guess that the primary limiting factor is temperature. The optimal temperature for bacteria growth rate is around 82F. It will still cycle at 70F but might take another 4-5 weeks.
  16. GlennO

    Tank will not cycle! Help!

    Bacteria doesn't need drip acclimation. You say you have established tanks, could you steal some mature media from them? It's strange that there's been no progress at all after 5 weeks, even in the absence of used media. The only thing I can suggest is to raise the temp into the high 70's...
  17. GlennO

    What fish do I have?

    These occur in the Congo and might be a possibility as bycatch. Just a wild guess though. Nannaethiops unitaeniatus (One-lined African Characin) — Seriously Fish If that's not them the comment in the notes might be relevant: "It is often confused with similar-looking members of the genus...
  18. GlennO

    Do I need root tabs?

    I use root tabs occasionally but I’m not sure how much benefit they provide. I feel that nutrients in the water column should be available to the roots as well as the leaves. After all, substrate is not impermeable.
  19. GlennO

    Lots of questions about fry feeding

    There's a product you can buy called Instant Baby Brine Shrimp. I've used it when I wasn't able to hatch any live ones. Ocean Nutrition is a manufacturer of premium fish food for marine and fresh water tropical fish
  20. GlennO

    Best Frozen Food For Cichlids?

    I don’t see a problem with that I use all human grade food to make my homemade frozen food mix. Ingredients like a fillet of tuna or salmon, uncooked prawns and a range of vegetables all blended together. That makes up the bulk of my frozen food. The frozen stuff I buy from the LFS like mysis...
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