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    125 Gal Lighting Question

    Hello everyone! Its been awhile since I've posted here, but I've truly done as much research on lighting and PAR, (and trying to keep the cost down for a med light tank) I need as much help/input as possible. Here is some pictures of my tank (from left to right), and then a picture of the...
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    Ideas on stocking my 55 gallon

    Hello everyone! I know its an annoying question, but I like hearing other people's ideas on fish. I am honestly open to all ideas at the moment, I do not know what fish to stock in here. I have a 55 gallon, with a 20ft RGB led light strip, 200W Mainland heater, SunSun 304b, several fake plants...
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    3 Questions

    Okay so I have 3 questions I would like to run past this smart community: 1) I bought a sun sun 304b and I am wondering what media should go in it. My setup is bottom tray-coarse, medium, fine foam. Second tray is filled with pot scrubbers. Third tray is ceramic rings and bio balls (the stuff...
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    55 Gallon tank not cycling

    So I received my second 55 gallon tank that I began to cycle 3 weeks ago. My last time I cycled a tank it was easy and fast! I am currently doing a fish in cycle (I know fishless is safer for the fish). Ammonia hasn't reached zero yet (.5ppm) and my nitrite levels are >5ppm. My nitrate levels...
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    Have no idea what should go in my new tank

    So I just recently bought a 55 gallon tank with filters, heater, and powerhead. I have been searching EVERYWHERE on types of fish I could stock it with, and can't find any good answers. I really like bigger fish (they would obviously grow, but around 6-8in). I have looked up so many cichlids and...
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    Cleaning an old Penguin 350 HOB filter

    I just recently bought a 55 gallon tank setup off of craigslist and it needs some work. It came with a Penguin 350 Hob filter and a 120 that are completely crusty. They still pump perfectly fine but it is just REALLY dirty. I was wondering if I could submerse the entire filter in a vinegar...
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