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  1. smee82

    Bare bottom or sand?

    Neither I prefer gravel over sand
  2. smee82

    Live Food Cultures...What Should I Get?

    I would stuck with black worms then.
  3. smee82

    GBR male/female ratio in 125 gallon

    I would try removing the sapphires into a qt or another tank for a couple of days so they forget their territory and then add them back.
  4. smee82

    Live Food Cultures...What Should I Get?

    Other then daphnia also have a look at vinegar eels and microworms if you want to raise fry. Both ere extremely easy.
  5. smee82

    This is probably the most common question but are my mollys pregnant?

    Fake will be fine. Dont do anything to try and save the fry otherwise you will be overrun before you know it. Every female in your tank will give birth every month and the older they get the more fry too. Even if you rehome your males you will still have to deal with fry for the next 6+...
  6. smee82

    This is probably the most common question but are my mollys pregnant?

    You have males and females together so theyre definitely preggers.
  7. smee82

    Attempt at a terrarium

    Looks great, I love terrariums and paludariums.
  8. smee82

    How do I prune my Anubias?

    If you cut the rhizome make sure you use something sharp and clean as they are susceptible to rot.
  9. smee82

    55 Gallon Tank Will eating pest snails harm goldfish?

    As far as i know they dont eat snail, they might pick them up and spit them back out bug they should be fine.
  10. smee82

    Easier way to do water changes - use a water or juice dispenser

    Nice idea. Does the suction as it drains pull all the waste and poo away or do you still need to vacuum the vottom
  11. smee82

    Questions about Eco Complete

    Eco complete is basically expensive inert gravel. Personally i prefer an aquasoil as its easier to rescape but if you want a cap with sand topsoil or organic potting mix is probably your best bet.
  12. smee82

    Very sick goldfish - please help

    Welcome to fishlore. A few quick questions first of what size is your tank, second are you cleaning your filter when doing water changes or changing media and lastly what are the exact numbers for you water parameters before a water change.
  13. smee82

    Salt or no salt in freshwater tanks

    Personally i dont really like it and think its way overused and overprescribed. Water hardiness can be raised without salt and ive never needed it to treat parasites or the like with salt. Ich seems to be the biggest reason i see for treating with salt but ive never had any trouble with...
  14. smee82

    Alternate uses for used aquasoil

    I used my extra aquasoil to root plant cuttings in All my aquasoil is almost 10yrs old and still going good. Also you can use fenbowhatsamccallit to kill planaria without harming fish or shrimp
  15. smee82

    Molly sick or lazy

    Livebearers can store sperm for 6+ months so she could be pregnant. What size is your tank and whats your stock as well as your water parameters.
  16. smee82

    Mushroom questions on sod

    Personally id leave them be unless they're poisonous or you have young kids.
  17. smee82

    BUY/SELL section : 50 posts requiered

    50 posts is safe and easy and i don't see it changing any time soon.
  18. smee82

    Platy gender help!

    Live bearers can store sperm for 6+ months so your going to have a heap of fry to deal with so its time to start planning.
  19. smee82

    15 Gallon Tank Newbie here, hoping it's not TOO obvious!

    Welcome your tank looks nice. Whats your stock?
  20. smee82

    20 Gallon Tank Hand feeding fish?

    I had lots of luck hand feeding with live blood worm
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