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  1. -Mak-

    Plants dying + their awful history

    Oh, what I meant is the root feeding vs column feeding saying is a myth. Pretty much any plant (except obligate epiphytes) can adapt to just one, such as swords growing exclusively on column fertilization despite being called a "root feeder," and stem plants on just substrate fertilization. On...
  2. -Mak-

    Plants dying + their awful history

    Unfortunately, your mistake was not dosing fertilizer from day 1. You list a lot of plants, which all need nutrients to grow healthy, but if you're not dosing nutrients then they starve. Tiny leaves is a common sign of macronutrient deficiency. When you chopped everything down, they were too...
  3. -Mak-

    Algae growth on Leaves

    Algae is caused by excess light and organics. Not nutrients. What you have is brush algae and maybe diatoms on an anubias plant. Brush algae is a difficult one, almost nothing eats it, and even then I wouldn't get a fish just for its algae eating abilities. Lack of nutrients like nitrate and...
  4. -Mak-

    Thrive or Easy Green?

    Main difference is Easy Green just has less stuff. It doesn't have calcium, copper, and molybdenum, and has lower iron. Thrive treats 2500 gallons and easy green treats 2300. Also for me, after shipping and tax, the two are nearly the exact same price per gallons treated
  5. -Mak-

    Red lights

    Well, all light will grow algae no matter what. If you're cutting back on blue you might as well cut back on red and white and other colors. Chlorophyll a and b absorb light maximally at blue and red wavelengths. White light contains all wavelengths. Therefore unless you want to only use yellow...
  6. -Mak-

    Shrimp identification

    Random neo/malayan/wild type shrimp is a good guess
  7. -Mak-

    Red lights

    @OP there is no way of telling exactly how effective your lights will be without a PAR meter. A lot of lights are quite poor for plants, and red travels weakly in water. None. Blue light does not cause algae and it is extremely important for photosynthesis in both plants and algae.
  8. -Mak-

    Tissue culture vs emersed grown plants for low tech?

    If you must choose between TC and emersed, I'd go with TC. My TC purchases have always been healthier than other plants, which makes sense because they grow in a nutrient medium under lab/farm conditions. They are also extremely fast growing if you give them the required light and nutrients. I'd...
  9. -Mak-

    Something has caused the kH in my tank to go to 0

    Caridina conditions: 0-1 KH 4-5 GH pH less than 7 Temp under 78 TDS under 200 These are easily achieved with a buffering substate and GH booster added to the distilled water
  10. -Mak-

    Something has caused the kH in my tank to go to 0

    Well the snail's sickness doesn't necessarily have to do with the acidity. Generally acidic water is not ideal for snails, though some people keep snails without issue in their low pH CO2 injected tanks. Higher GH and good diet is important. If you want to be safe, you'll probably just have to...
  11. -Mak-

    Something has caused the kH in my tank to go to 0

    Not an issue, healthy plants reduce ammonia, and even then a cycle can function at low pHs, including below 6 Let the aquasoil do its thing Do you have a KH test? What is your source water KH? You can boost the KH of the non-aquasoil tank according to fish preference
  12. -Mak-

    Something has caused the kH in my tank to go to 0

    Don't add any KH to an aquasoil, it'll wear out the buffering capacity. Do you use stratum for plants, shrimp, or both?
  13. -Mak-

    Something has caused the kH in my tank to go to 0

    By buffering substrate, do you mean an aquasoil, that lowers the pH/KH?
  14. -Mak-

    5 Gallon Tank Is it possible to have a dwarf hairgrass carpet without co2?

    Couldn't tell you, it'll depend on every other factor in an individual tank
  15. -Mak-

    5 Gallon Tank Is it possible to have a dwarf hairgrass carpet without co2?

    No, dwarf hairgrass does not require CO2, though carpeting will be slow and less dense
  16. -Mak-

    A Question About Substrate

    I see you're in China. Did you get the substrate in a bag? If so, do you have a picture of the bag? I might be able to translate some stuff for you It's definitely not ADA or Fluval, though it's sort of the same category, an aquasoil. Aquasoils can vary greatly in nutrient content and quality...
  17. -Mak-

    Plant disease

    Here's an article on BBA, but the whole website is a good resource for planted tanks: Poor plant heath leads to all sorts of algae problems, unfortunately. Control your lighting, dose fertilizer, and clean up decaying material. Grow the plants well and algae will have a harder time establishing
  18. -Mak-

    Will my plants survive if I remove the CO2?

    Light and CO2 cause the red color, dosing iron will not do anything. Keep up good maintenance and reduce lighting a little and your plants should keep at least some red color.
  19. -Mak-

    Anchoring DBT To Dragon Stone/Driftwood?

    I would use sewing thread or some type of string for something as tiny as DBT! Make sure you are at 30 ppm of CO2 and are dosing ferts generously
  20. -Mak-

    20 Gallon Tank Question about blue shrimp

    They will have color, but will eventually lose their color after generations or it will become muddled
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