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  1. veggieshark

    Hydrogen peroxide and shipping fish

    Since it disintegrates to water and oxygen, I was wondering if hydrogen peroxide could be used as a source of extra oxygen for shipping fish. I know overdose would be toxic, but an appropriate dose may work. I did a literature search on this topic and came across this old and rather short...
  2. veggieshark

    Dill, mint, etc

    I feed fish all kinds of vegetables and some herbs, but there a few I am not sure about. Garlic is a common ingredient, but I don't know about onions or leeks. I feed parsley all the time, but I don't know about dill or mint. If you have tried these particular veggies/herbs or other oddball...
  3. veggieshark

    Sheet under substrate

    I am planning on putting a polyethylene sheet under the substrate (on the bottom glass). I plan on putting the white sheet in a tank that will have white sand and a rocky setup. The black one will go in a tank that will be planted with dark substrate. The main purpose is to build the rocky one...
  4. veggieshark

    Oxygen concentrator for shipping bags

    I haven't found a shipping section, and a couple related posts were here, so posting here: I am completely inexperienced in shipping fish, but in order to enjoy breeding them I figure I have to learn how to ship them to people. Even though I read everything I found about shipping, I am still...
  5. veggieshark

    Which Applochelius is on the smaller and peaceful side?

    As the title says. Looking for a top-dweller for a cooler temp Asian design. I have my eyes on a school of D. Choprae or a similar sized fish. I am afraid these guys can be small enough to be considered prey by most Aplochelius species. I think there are smaller and more peaceful Ap. species...
  6. veggieshark

    Orange Chromide in pure freshwater

    Has anyone kept orange chromide in pure freshwater and what is the experience? There is little info on these guys, and one video I watched says salinity should be kept high in freshwater setups (if that is freshwater, then I wonder what brackish would be). The same video goes on to say fish...
  7. veggieshark

    75 Gallon Tank Tanganykan Mix

    What would be your favorite Tanganykan community mix for a 75g? (I don't want anything that grows more than 6 inches.) I don't know if I can fit all in a 75g, but I think my choices are at most one specie from each of the following groups: 1. A rock dweller (Julies, lamprologus...
  8. veggieshark

    Sexing angels

    It is hard to sex these guys for me despite all the things I have read so far, unless they are breeding. My guess is this is a male. Please let me know what you think and why. Thanks
  9. veggieshark

    Want To Trade Kribs - Livonia, MI

    I have some homegrown kribs ( P. Pulcher the last time time I checked) that I want to trade for anything healthy you may have as a surplus. Just let me know what you've got (fish, inverts, plants are ok). All the kribs I have are adults, see the picture. No shipping, sorry. This has to be a...
  10. veggieshark

    New member

    Just wanted to say hi to all as my first post on the site. I am a new member, but not new to the hobby. I took a break from the hobby, and I found the places I used to hang out a little quiet when I came back. So, I have been looking for an active forum, and this place seems to be alive. Looking...
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