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  1. PNWBettas

    FLEX WATT/ THG Heat Tape Help

    Hey! If you have ever used flex watt or THG heat tape for heating tanks/betta jars please read this! I’m having some issues and would love the help. So I ordered a significant amount of this THG heat tape for my betta grow out system and so far it’s not working at all. I’ve used under jar...
  2. PNWBettas

    Small white external parities

    Please note, I don’t need help with treatment, I’m simply making this post because when previously looking for info, I found very little, so I though now that I know more, I would share my findings. I’ve experienced these small parasites twice now, and I don’t yet have a ID on them (hoping to...
  3. PNWBettas

    Want To Buy CO2 Regulator

    If anyone has any used co2 equipment, ideally a regulator, I would be interested. If you have anything, pm me. Thanks
  4. PNWBettas

    Never seen this before... "clamped" betta fins

    This has been going around my fishroom and I am at a total loss. All cycled tanks, planted, regular water changes, but some of my betta are having major fin issues. Their fins become smooshed looking, almost clamped. They cant extend them all the way when they flare anymore. I have never seen or...
  5. PNWBettas

    Betta with body rot/ fungal infection

    So I just got a betta inport in Wednesday and in bad shape. Bags were ice cold, huge fungal growth. Still fairly active tho, not lethargic. I hit the fungal growth hard with meds, and it’s somehow gone away. But what’s left is the rotted away part and it’s hit her body. looking for ideas. Just...
  6. PNWBettas

    Betta with dropsy, any ideas?

    Ok so I got a betta with dropsy. Symptoms and treatment started last Thursday, and there has been little change since then. Initially I noticed mild bloating, clamped fins, and pineconing on the bottom on his stomach. He also had white stringy poo. Because of this I treated for parasites along...
  7. PNWBettas

    Betta Fin Damage not healing- not fin rot?

    I am just beyond perplexed. I have some betta that have continued to deteriorate for seemingly no reason. It’s all happing in their finnage. What seems to be happing itheir fins will get damages somehow and just never heal. One of them is also forming a growth around his tail. It also appears...
  8. PNWBettas

    Word of Caution- Injured Pleco

    Just sharing my story and hoping this doesn’t happen to anyone else. So I use a pre-filter sponge on my tank. Gives more SA for BB since it’s pretty heavily stocked and prevents stuff from getting sucked into my filter since the intake had larger gaps. Well the pre-filter sponge somehow fell off...
  9. PNWBettas

    Using Python/Aqueon Water changer and Prime

    So I recently got my python extended so it actually reaches my tank now. But this has also lead me to look into how I do water changes, and how much dechlorinator I use. The prime bottle says to dose for the total volume of the tank when adding your tap water directly to the tank. I'm not sure...
  10. PNWBettas

    Bugs on my floating plants?

    Well this is new for me. All my floating plants have little bugs on them. I’m not sure where they came from or how to get rid of them.
  11. PNWBettas

    Betta Breeding Journey- yellow fancy HMPK

    Hey y’all! Welcome to my breeding project log. I will post my updates and info about my first ever breeding project. Thank you to philam who started my betta obsession, especially with the plakats. This has been a long time in the works but I’m finally ready! I am starting with a pair of yellow...
  12. PNWBettas

    Found this wood-would it work in a tank?

    I went on a little walk this morning and found some neat wood pieces. Is this something I could put into a tank? Assuming I treat it appropriately.
  13. PNWBettas

    What dirt is safe? Drited tanks

    Hello! After reading through many forums and watching many YouTube videos, I am at a loss. I see only one soil ever recommended for doing dirted tanks and its one you cant even buy anymore (miracle-gro organic choice potting mix). So what do I use? I hear people say "just use organic potting...
  14. PNWBettas

    Want To Buy Hardscape, plants

    Needing lots of hardscape for my larger tank build (72gal). LSF's near me don't have anything sizable. Needing lots of driftwood (not picky on the type) and hoping to find seiryu stone. Also looking to bulk order plants. Basically I need a LOT of stuff for this tank and don't have many local...
  15. PNWBettas

    Dirt for dirted tank?

    What are your recommendations for dirt to use in a dirted tank? Bonus if I don’t have to buy a screen to sift it. I just moved out and have almost nothing, but if needed I could. Thanks!
  16. PNWBettas

    Neon tetra with red gills

    I’ve had this group of 6 neons for almost 2 months now. They came to me as a surrendered tank along with a betta who has since passes. Now it’s just the 6 of them in a 10 gal. They have bright red gills, and are more pale in color. I did two rounds of antibiotic treatments with kanaplex and...
  17. PNWBettas

    Need help choosing heater/heaters for my 72 gal

    Setting up my 72 gal and still need heaters. Wanting to stay in the $50-60 price range or less. I was thinking of doing 2x 200W for reliability but was also looking at inline heaters to look nicer in the tank. I have only ever used submersible so I know very little about them. I'm going to be...
  18. PNWBettas

    Melafix and Bettafix for use with labyrinth fish

    Hey guys, so something I commonly see on here is people advising against the use of melafix and bettafix in bettas. I have also advised the same. I was wondering if anyone could share studies they have found, and basically anything more concrete on a reason as to not use it. I know that the...
  19. PNWBettas

    What are these in my tank?

    So... I was observing my tank earlier and noticed some tiny little things swimming around. This is particularly strange since I just totally broke down the tank and did a massive re-scape. It’s also still cycling from being a dirted tank and I WAS doing it fishless. I think I had some...
  20. PNWBettas

    Betta breeding resources

    So I’m planning a breeding project, and it’s still a long ways away but I’m wondering if anyone has some good resource suggestions for learning more about it. I have been able to find lots of information on the method but I really want to be well versed on genetics, conformation, color, and how...
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