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  1. Ghelfaire

    10 Gallon Tank Adf filtration?

    Considering stocking my 10g with at least 1 African dwarf frog. My question is what filter do people use for them if any? I read that they don't like vibrations.
  2. Ghelfaire

    What type of rock?

    I sent pictures of this to the ROM (a museum in Toronto) and they said it wasn't a fossil. Interesting considering I thought it looks like it has a face, shoulder and arm but that must be pareidolia. So can any geology people tell what kind of rock I have.
  3. Ghelfaire

    Mystery plant??

    Can anyone identify this mystery plant growing in my pepper pot?
  4. Ghelfaire

    Want To Sell Guppy fry, pick up only

    Selling 5 of my older guppy fry $0.50 each (sorry have to put a price on them to make sure they go to good homes). They aren't coloured up yet but some are getting a pattern. I'm also willing to trade, just let me know what you have. Pick up only, I'm not comfortable shipping live fish.
  5. Ghelfaire

    White lavender leaves?

    My lavender plant outside has started growing white leaves? It doesn't look like a separate plant. Is it a disease? Albinism? Parasitic plant?
  6. Ghelfaire

    What happened to dark mode?

    I use dark mode whenever available but I logged in today and it was on regular light mode. I tried to change it back but it's no longer available? What happened?
  7. Ghelfaire

    Any geology people here?

    I keep finding rocks like this near lakes. Any reason why they look like this?
  8. Ghelfaire

    20 Gallon Tank What is his colour morph?

    My 20g temperate tank is cycled and I've had my first trio of guppies in for 2 weeks (had bad luck with them in the past, wanted to make sure they survived before asking this). My 1 female is solid grey the other is half black. The thing is I don't know what my male is. I've not seen anything...
  9. Ghelfaire

    Would this be stressful for fry or Betta?

    Someone is giving away guppy fry. I want guppies but the tank I have for them is currently cycling. Would I be able to put them in a breeder box in my 20g which has a semi-aggressive male betta? (The betta is in the tank the fry will be in the box) Will this stress either the fry or the betta...
  10. Ghelfaire

    A reason to celebrate

    While my scuds failed to survive in the paludarium everything else is thriving. My springtails, pill bugs, slug and (of course) bladder and mylantaian trumpet snails are are all breeding.
  11. Ghelfaire

    20 Gallon Tank Are all blackwater fish tropical

    I've recently come into posession of a lot of Indian almond leaves (way cheaper to buy in bulk) and am planning on doing a blackwater biotope in an empty 20g I have. My question is: are all blackwater fish tropical?
  12. Ghelfaire

    Is this ok?

    So the LED lights on my big tank (now a paludarium) died. I think they only lasted 2 years. I grabbed the plant light from the succulent terrarium that I have and plugged it in. My question is- will this be ok for the scuds/snails/ other invertebrates in the tank? I honestly don't know if...
  13. Ghelfaire

    10 Gallon Tank Best fix for hair algae?

    My 10g tank has an outbreak of hair algae. It's the worst in my driftwood moss tree right now. I don't have any room for a timer to reduce lighting and my work hours vary from week to week. The lights can't be raised higher either. Unfortunately my nerite snails haven't touched it, my pest...
  14. Ghelfaire

    Metal vs nylon strings

    I've recently bought a lyre online and it came with metal strings. Now this is the first handheld stringed instrument that I've ever played, is there much of a difference in sound between metal and nylon strings? Is one better than the other? Do most harps/harp-like instruments use metal...
  15. Ghelfaire

    Can anyone identify this leech?

    Google has once again failed me. This leech found its way into my paludarium (not surprising) and it took me a while to catch it. So far it's been eating the springtails that wandered into the water but I want to make sure it's not the type that will kill my bladder snails or scuds (if I keep...
  16. Ghelfaire

    Mysterious larvae?

    Do fungus gnats lay eggs in water? If not what type of larvae are these? I've not seen them out of water and they seem to be ditritovores or herbivores eating already dead plant material. I've also seen this worm like guy going around eating them, I thought it was a scud at first but it...
  17. Ghelfaire

    Emerseble plants

    Mods feel free to move this if it's in the wrong section but I'm not talking about aquarium plants. So I built my paludarium wrong and am having issues keeping plants on the land side from getting root rot. I know that pothos can grow with it's roots in water, are there any other plants that...
  18. Ghelfaire

    What is this?

    So I bought some scuds for my paludarium, theh took a week to arrive but looked healthy when I added them yesterday. Today I can't find any, i maybe say 1-2 out of the 30 I started with (yes I acclimated them). I did however find this weird worm like thing, it looks like plant debris but is...
  19. Ghelfaire

    Is there a market for painted ?

    I have the opportunity to start a side business with a friend to 3D print dnd (or just fantasy) figures and paint them. Would there be a market for this? Like how many people do you think would be interested in them? How much should they be sold for? Unpainted ones go for about $10 each.
  20. Ghelfaire

    Mondo grass for paludarium?

    Does anyone have any experience with mondo grass in paludariums? I know it can't be fully submerged so i figure it'll be perfect for my water portion. Does anyone have any experiences good or bad with the plant before I buy it?
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