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  1. JettsPapa

    How cold is too cold for guppies?

    I have some guppies outside in tubs (20+ gallons each). I'm wondering when I need to bring them inside. Looking at the local 10 day forecast they're predicting a low of 50° F two days this weekend, but it's supposed to get into the mid 70's during the day, so the water probably won't get down...
  2. JettsPapa

    I guess I need to change my user name

    My first granddaughter was born late last night, so now I'm Jett's and Violet's Papa. I'm open to suggestions. Maybe just Papa?
  3. JettsPapa

    Interesting blog post about tannins affecting fish (and chicken) reproduction

    Teas, Fish, and Chickens - Goliad Farms
  4. JettsPapa

    Enter key suddenly doesn't work here

    Just what it says. Nothing happens here when I hit the Enter key. It works fine every on other sites. I'm on a desk top using Chrome. Any ideas?
  5. JettsPapa

    Brazilian Pennywort question

    Hello, I transferred a stem of Brazilian pennywort from one of my tanks at home to my 5.5 gallon tank at work. I planted it in the substrate and it melted back pretty bad. All the old leaves turned brown and are falling off. It's growing one or two new leaves per week, and is up to six now...
  6. JettsPapa

    Neocaridina (Red Cherry Shrimp) Basics

    JettsPapa submitted a new resource: Neocaridina (Red Cherry Shrimp) Basics - Neocaridina shrimp Read more about this resource...
  7. JettsPapa

    5 Gallon Tank My Experiment Tank at Work

    Hello, I started back working on-site in the last week of May. A week or so after that I set up a 5 gallon tank on my desk, so it's been running for about two months, or a little longer. Since it's at work I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so the only appliance it has is a light. No...
  8. JettsPapa

    Pearl Weed buoyancy question

    Mine usually floats, but sometimes clumps insist on sinking to the bottom and staying there. Does anyone know what determines whether it floats or sinks?
  9. JettsPapa

    Pea Puffer Experiment

    So a few weeks ago someone offered me two pea puffers. I've been mildly interested in them for a while, so I accepted. I didn't have a tank to dedicate to them, so I added them to my densely planted 40 gallon breeder community tank. There are plenty of bladder and rams horn snails, and some...
  10. JettsPapa

    Source for rock wool

    Hello, Amazon sells 2" diameter plastic pots and 1-1/2" diameter rock wool cylinders, but not 2" to fit the pots. I'm hoping someone can help with a source or advice for rock wool to fit the 2" pots. Do people fill them with loose rock wool instead, or something else?
  11. JettsPapa

    Another rili shrimp genetics question

    I got some great answers from richiep and SanDiegoRedneck when I posted an earlier question: Breeding rili shrimp question | Shrimp and Crab Forum | 487905. Now I have another one. (I of course welcome any responses, not just from the two I tagged.) I know shrimp can change colors as they...
  12. JettsPapa

    I may have to change my user name . . .

    If all goes well Jett will have a sister in October. My son and daughter-in-law may of course change their minds, but they're thinking her name will be Josie. How does "JettAndJosiesPapa" sound?
  13. JettsPapa

    33 gallon tanks in Houston

    I remember seeing a few posts here from people saying 33 gallon tanks are difficult to find. I just wanted to let anyone in the area know that I was at the Houston (not Woodlands) Fish Gallery on Sunday and they had a stack of them near the front door. I didn't count them, but it was probably...
  14. JettsPapa

    Best fish to eat mosquito larvae in outdoor tubs? Corydorus pygmaeus, maybe?

    Hello, I plan to try setting up some tubs outside this spring to raise neocaridina shrimp. Being in southeast Texas, mosquito larvae are a concern, so I'm looking for fish that will eat them, but not hurt the shrimp population too much. I've seen the pygmy corys in my 20 gallon long tank...
  15. JettsPapa

    Breeding rili shrimp question

    I posted a question a while ago about shrimp genetics (Question about Neocaridina Shrimp Genetics | Shrimp and Crab Forum | 483522), but now I have another one. I've set up a tank for red rilis, with about 15 to start. About half of these I think are very nice, with distinct lines between the...
  16. JettsPapa

    So I finally tested my GH and KH

    I checked the 10 gallon red shrimp tank. It gets weekly water changes of around 20%, and the last one was one week ago. We're on well water, with a water softener, but it's the kind that uses the citric acid cartridges that you replace every six months instead of the bags of salt. The...
  17. JettsPapa

    Number of pages in New Posts?

    I didn't see any mention of it anywhere, but a week or so ago I saw that the New Posts section had gone from 5 pages to 10, which I liked because occasionally 5 pages wouldn't hold all the activity since I had last visited the site. Now it's back to 5. Mike?
  18. JettsPapa

    Any way to determine who voted Up on a Reply?

    Just what the title says. Is there any way to determine who voted Up on a reply, and if not, does anyone think it would be a good idea (assuming it's possible without too much work on Mike's part).
  19. JettsPapa

    Question about Neocaridina Shrimp Genetics

    Hello, I have a question about the colors. Some of my blue shrimp are very near black. I don't know about other people, but I prefer them a little lighter, when they're obviously blue. If I add a few lighter blue shrimp to the colony, and they breed with the dark ones, will the resulting...
  20. JettsPapa

    Good Day at Two LFS

    My daughter-in-law and I made a trip to Houston today. I sold about $80.00 worth of plants at one store, and just over $100.00 worth of shrimp at another one. Too bad it's store credit, but it's still better than nothing. I bought a few things, but still have about half the credit at each...
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