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  1. mrsP

    Bacterial bloom disappeared overnight

    I have new 90L aquarium with bn pleco fry in it. I did use cycled filter media from previous tank, added to larger filter. It has had some persistent bacterial bloom for days, and yesterday it was quite bad, you could barely see fish in it. I added 30ml bottle of API Quick Start, and 1st day...
  2. mrsP

    Benefit of plant flowering?

    I bought a bulb of Aponogeton ulvaceus, lace plant with curly leaf edges, a few months ago. It's been growing really well, and it's been flowering constantly since it had about 5 full size leaves. Flower spikes grow all over the surface of the tank, and I've been wondering if it has affect to...
  3. mrsP

    Do corys eat fry?

    If I would put a few corys to Hillstream tank, would they eat fry or eggs?
  4. mrsP

    Why do bn pleco fry die?

    This is my first ever batch of bn pleco fry. They have been free swimming for 3 days now, and around half of them have died, most of them in first day of free swimming. I haven't noticed any more deaths today. There are approx. 30 of them left, they all eat all the time and are active. I have...
  5. mrsP

    Bn babies

    This morning: There's LOTS of them, something between 50 to 100. I think.
  6. mrsP

    What is Söchting Oxydator?

    I was browsing Green Aqua's pages and saw Söchting Oxydator. Söchting Oxydator A - up to 400 l It sounds like magic, adding active oxygen to your aquarium water. Does anyone have any experience of it? I'm so tempted to try it, but before I do, I'm trying to find information about how it...
  7. mrsP

    What are these dots?

    They appear usually after wc to hard surfaces and are solid, not oxygen bubbles. They stay for several days before slowly disappearing. I had them long time and haven't found any information about them.
  8. mrsP

    What went wrong catching Hillstreams?

    I was about to deliver 10 Hillstream loaches (about 1 inch size) to my lfs. I caught them, put to net breeding net cage to wait, and after catching last had a shock of my life. Nearly all of them had died, to shock, is only thing I can think of since my fish are healthy and active. I released...
  9. mrsP

    5 Gallon Tank Light for pico tank

    I'm planning to dip my toe to saltwater. I have 25 litre aquarium that I want to turn into pico saltwater tank, and one thing that baffles me is light. I'm thinking of getting liver rock, and perhaps some macro algae (that's not invasive, like Cladophora prolifera or similar) and shrimp or two...
  10. mrsP

    How to have goldfish and lush live plants (in same tank)

    I've been reading a of people thinking that goldfish and great live plants can't excist in same tank. That's a common mistake, and can be done quite easily. I've done it several times, and never even thought I couldn't have both. As we know, live plants help to keep water stable, as they use...
  11. mrsP

    Would pygmy corys eat my snails?

    I have 250 litre aquarium with lots of plants and snail population out of control. Stocking is as follows: 6 Neon tetras 11 Otos 3 BN plecos lots of Hillstream loaches, no idea of amount 1 Vampire shrimp lots of RCS And tons of ramshorn snails and MTS. Hillstreams are breeding, and I hope Otos...
  12. mrsP

    Goldfish for free - UK - North Yorkshire

    I have 6 fancy godlfish, approx. 1 year olds I want to rehome. They've lived in 22 degree celcius all their lives, so I wouldn't rehome them to pond, but they can get used to unheated tank indoors. 1 is lot larger than others, having Granny Smith apple- size body, but others are smaller, perhaps...
  13. mrsP

    My Oto nearly died

    I came downstairs as usual this morning bit after 6, fed cats and got my coffee. I went past my 250 litre tank and since I got new light, nicrew planted 24/7 and it ts morning cycle starts at 5, I stopped to admire how the reddish light in morning brings out the colors in fish and red cherries...
  14. mrsP

    Ethical desicion I need advice with

    Hi all, I'm struggeling with etical desicion and would love to have your advice. Like you might know, I have overstocked 250 litre tropical aquarium. One of the spieces is guppy/endler hybrids, and they breed like rabbits. Originally I got them to be live food (fry) for goldfish, but they are...
  15. mrsP

    Combining indoor waterfall and aquarium?

    I just had an idea... I know, it can lead to disaster. :rolleyes: I was thinking about my hillstream loaches, and then I had an idea. Combining indoor waterfall to my aquarium would create a strong flow, natural airation and possibly more filteration if combined with filter media. Has anyone...
  16. mrsP

    Question: how to set up this co2?

    I treat my 25 litre tank as learning tank, and I have there only plants and few snails. My new learning is now co2, and I bough a while ago Fluval 45g setup. Picture below. It has 45g co2 canister, bubble counter and diffuser. As I got annoyed trying to get it up and running every morning to...
  17. mrsP

    My 250L tropical aquarium

    I was just enjoying my tank and thought you might like to see some of photos too, I'll attach them to the end. Tank is 250 litres, or 66 US gallons, planted, and I have a lot of fish in there. Stocking includes: 6 goldfish, accidental spawn around year ago, so I grew them myself Hillstream...
  18. mrsP

    Yoyos don't eat snails

    I got few yoyo loaches because of snail infestation in my 66 gallon tank. However, they don't seem to be interested about snails at all, why? I have hundreds of snails in tank, and yoyos are doing anything else than eating those buggers!
  19. mrsP

    Ramshorn snail behavior

    I have ramshorn infestation in my 66 gallon tank. I added 4 assassin snails, and next morning tanks walls were full of ramshorns. A bit like they were getting out of the floor, just all over walls. They are not trying to get out of water, or even getting to edge of water, just out of the floor...
  20. mrsP

    Mystery fry... again.

    I had mystery fry in March, and now that happended again. This time thoug they are not goldfish, I would recognice them now. I have a few of these: They are around 1cm long, seem to be suckeres, and stocking list is as follows: Goldfishes, 6 months old ones. These are def. not goldfish...
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