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  1. Ambie

    How perfectly level does a stand need to be?

    I'm trying to level my first DIY stand and I can't get the level dead center. I've also double checked to make sure the stand is square and so far this is the best I can get. I'm most likely overthinking this but I'd like to get a few extra opinions. Other details: 40G Breeder [rimmed], on...
  2. Ambie

    Are they bloated or Egg Bound or Normal Size?

    I've noticed a few of my gold white clouds have started to get a bit larger & I just want to be sure they're not bloated.
  3. Ambie

    Exactly how much of a rimmed aquarium corners needs to be supported?

    A photo of how far the paper goes into the corner. I placed shims under 1/2in plywood and It was level with the corners touching the stand a bit further back but I needed to sand the wood filler down to hide the edge and now my paper goes a bit further into the corner. I'm I still good?
  4. Ambie

    Can I shim between plywood and DIY Stand?

    On 3 corners my plywood is not meeting with the stand, there is space to move a card around in the middle between two corners as well. There is also a slight wobble in the base of the tank. Can I shim between the stand and the plywood and the floor and base of the stand? I'm trying to find the...
  5. Ambie

    Are these cracks going to be a issue in my DIY Stand?

    Last night I was building a stand for a 40b and this morning I noticed a few issues. On Two of the main leg post I drilled the screws a little too close to the edge and on the bottom length portion one screw cracked the wood. I'm going to be added 3/4 in. Plywood to the top. I added pics for...
  6. Ambie

    Help looking for a 40G Breeder Cabinet Style Stand? Any Suggestions?

    So far the only big box store options are the Brooklyn Metal Stand & Aquatic Fundamentals 50/65 gallon upright stand. I'm really leaning towards the Aquatic Fundamentals one so I can hide my CO2 and canister in the closed cabinet. I just unsure of how stable it is. It does have some good reviews...
  7. Ambie

    Stubborn Algae that I just can't get rid of?

    Tank: 20g Setup for 12 months Lighting: Beamsworks DA FSPEC [9hrs] Filter: AC 50 Ferts: Thrive C + Excel switched from Easy Green [1x a week after water change] Substrate: Black Diamond Sand and root tabs Water Change: 50% weekly, gravel vac and filter cleaning Parameters: pH: 7.6 / Ammonia: 0 /...
  8. Ambie

    Preventing fish from getting sucked into Ehiem Skim350?

    I'm planning to stock chilli rasboras or some other nano fish and I'm trying to come up with ideas to stop them from getting sucked into the skimmer. So far I've come up with using a shower pouf netting with a zip tie keeping it in place. But i worried that the mesh holes are still to large. So...
  9. Ambie

    Looking 4 suggestions for background plants.

    Looking for something fast growing and that adds to the jungle look I'm going for. Currently have Crypt Sri Lanka and balansae in the background, But I'm not sure if I like it and want something that grows taller and quicker. Side Question: Anyone know how i can stop the co2 bubbles for...
  10. Ambie

    Discus looking off with clamped fins. Sick or Stressed?

    One of my discus has started looking and behaving off for the past 3 days. He is still eating a little but mostly stays hidden. He's been turning darker, clamped fins, patchy coloration, leaning slightly to the side, and only using one pectoral fin. He's the smallest of the 3 that i have and has...
  11. Ambie

    New discus hiding?

    I recently brought 4 juvie Discus to go in my 55g [will be upgraded to 75g during the next petco sale], I also have 22 serpae tetras hoping a large group would keep them calmer. They haven't show that much aggression to the discus other than the first 5min introduction to the tank and after that...
  12. Ambie

    Would this be too overstocked for a 55g?

    The Plan [55g Soil Co2 with a SunSun 304b & 20g Sponge filter] 20 x Serpae Tetra [currently have 10] 10 x Peppered Cory [currently have 4] 10 x Amano Shrimp 4 x Nerite Snail 6 x Boesemans Rainbowfish Or 1 Angelfish I'd prefer the Angel, but I'm concerned with fin nipping. Would a large group...
  13. Ambie

    55 Gallon Tank Looking for ideas for Centerpiece fish for 55g with Serpaes.

    I'm looking for a 1-3 large centerpeice fish that would work with serpaes, I was thinking maybe 1-2 blue gourami or a group of boesemani rainbows. My current stock is 10 Serpae tetras, 4 Peppered cories, and two nerites. Also planned on increasing the number of serpaes to 20-25, 8-10 peppered...
  14. Ambie

    55 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas for 55g!

    Looking for suggestions for my 55g that should be done cycling soon. The goal is angelfish, dwarf neon rainbowfish and some kind of bottom cleanup crew. I just don't know how many of each. I'm also open to it being a species only tank with just angels if that could work or different types that...
  15. Ambie

    Can i cap fluval stratum with BDBS without it falling thru?

    I'm planning to rescape my 20h, currently i have fluval stratum that been in the tank for over a year. I like fluval stratum even with it being inert, It's just anytime i rearrange plants it's a cloudy mess. So, can i just cap the stratum without it eventually falling down or just switch to...
  16. Ambie

    Need help figuring out the cause of my betta dying.

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? - 7g Planted How long has the tank been running? - 5 months Does it have a filter? - yes Does it have a heater? - yes What is the water temperature? - 80f What is the entire stocking of this tank? 1 Betta Maintenance How often do you change the water...
  17. Ambie

    How long should I wait after a boil advisory is lifted?

    My city just lifted their boil advisory after two weeks and i'm trying to figure out how long i should wait before do a water change. I'm worried about a large abnormal amount of chlorine and giving that time to kill off any parasite & etc. My tanks haven't had any water changes in that time...
  18. Ambie

    Do I need to worried about a small gap between the tank & stand?

    It's a 55g Imagitarium Brooklyn stand. I double checked that all sides were level and used the 4 sticky pads.
  19. Ambie

    55g Aquascape advice/help.

    I need some advice on setting up my planned aquascape. This tank is going to be for 1 angel, 8-10 neon dwarf rainbowfish, 8-10 albino corydoras & amano shrimps. So far the plan is to use eco complete or cheap gravel in media bags on one side to create a slope, add a 1-2in layer of organic soil...
  20. Ambie

    Need a ID on a lice/flea looking critters.

    10g Betta planted tank setup for 1.5 years with weekly 25% water changes. No additions to the tank in the last 3 months. API test all zero with Nitrites around 5ppm. Video of critters
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