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  1. e_watson09

    GLO-be Won Kenobi [Baby glo betta]

    Hello everyone! So I have 14 bettas from all over the world and I couldn't resist getting a glo betta. He's super tiny and honestly not healthy looking at all. I actually thought he was a she when I bought him because the water was so cloudy I couldn't see him. Got him home and in a warm 3.5g...
  2. e_watson09

    Star Wars themed sorority

    Just wanted to show off our Star Wars themed sorority tank. I am debating changing it up even more to fit the scape of one of the planets from the movie but my betta girls need lots of cover so for now here's where we are at! I may change it up when the fish room is done and really go all out...
  3. e_watson09

    Endlers vs. Guppies in your area

    I have quickly learned that different areas have different fish available. Around me endlers are unheard of. As of lately even guppies are hard to come by. So I'm just wondering do you guys have good endlers near you? I really have started to realize how cool they are and I never considered...
  4. e_watson09

    Betta Wall - Sump/WC system

    Hello everyone! So I am in the process of building our fish room and as I have big betta breeding plans I have been debating ideas for how I am going to make the fish room more manageable. I am planning to have a rack for a jarring system for the male bettas as they get to the point they have...
  5. e_watson09

    Grindal worm culture....flop

    Super bummed! I ordered a grindal worm culture on eBay. It came in with ZERO live worms (I couldn't find any dead ones for that matter either), hoping there is eggs in the soil it was shipped in so I'm trying to get those to culture now. I really wish I could see the way people pack things...
  6. e_watson09

    Live Food Cultures

    Who here keeps live food cultures?? If you do, what do you keep and if you want to share photos of the set ups you have that would be awesome. I am waiting on starter cultures to come in of vinegar eels, microworms, and grindal worms. I also have a baby brine shrimp hatchery. I'll post photos...
  7. e_watson09

    Mister Beastie, my new giant betta!

    I got some new bettas in today! I am very excited! This is my favorite, it is a beast of a giant betta! He was so much bigger than I ever expected! I can't wait to see how he colors up, he's still pretty stressed from moving
  8. e_watson09

    You betta bet I have a betta problem!

    Well I have been dying over giant bettas ever since I saw them, I finally found a awesome pair available! So I have them and a yellow plakat pair! I can't wait until they get here so I can post some pictures!!
  9. e_watson09

    Help me stock a 55g grow out

    Hello everyone! So we are working on finishing our fishroom right now. Once we do I will be looking into an indoor pond (~500g). I am thinking I want to have some oscars in it! I really prefer to get tiny fish and grow them out myself rather than buying big fish. So I'm thinking I'll be...
  10. e_watson09

    Live Brine Shrimp Hatchery

    Hello everyone!! So since I have some big fish breeding plans (especially once the fish room is done) I have decided to take the plunge with a brine shrimp hatchery. I am planning on a DIY version. Would anyone like to share photos of their shrimp hatch out system? Also has anyone tried to...
  11. e_watson09

    Fish photography tank questions

    A couple questions, so I am mostly going to be photographing bettas so this question is more geared towards that. Has anyone found any fish photography tanks to buy that are worth it? I found a video on youtube where someone showed how they make them but didn't list dimensions. I am not opposed...
  12. e_watson09

    Please everyone keep me in your thoughts.....

    .....lets all just hope I can sneak all these fish in the house without my husband noticing.... I've been stuck working from home thanks to COVID and I haven't left the house in 10 weeks........decided to spend the money I normally would on fish at the LFS online....they all are coming in over...
  13. e_watson09

    450g indoor pond

    We are in progress of completing the fish room and something I have always wanted was an indoor pond. I've seen some really cool ones made using kids pools so I'm tossing around the idea of doing it. It would be apprx 450-500g depending on which one I purchased. If you had a "tank" of that...
  14. e_watson09

    Plant ID help (10 plants!)

    I bought a lot on the lot and most of these are not at all what they said would be included and some are half dead which makes the identification process even harder. Plant #1 -- I believe this is Rotala wallichii or possibly Cabomba .... both were supposed to be in this mix but...
  15. e_watson09

    LongLife Breather Bags??

    Hello all, I have a friend who is offering to send me some shrimp via mail. I bought breather bags and was going to send them to her as I doubt she has oxygen and such to use regular bags. Kordon breather bags were completely sold out everywhere I looked, I have had fish sent to me with...
  16. e_watson09

    Mystery Snail breeding tank - Any other fish?

    I lost our last snails right before COVID started so we haven't been out to fish stores in a long time, Thankfully I had an awesome friend who just had a clutch and was happy to share some with me then I also bought some Jade ones on eBay I am eagerly awaiting! I am hoping to set up another...
  17. e_watson09

    29 Gallon Tank Betta sorority with otos?

    I am currently in the process of a build for a betta sorority. Its a 29g biocube. It will be HEAVILY planted when all is said and done. Its an established tank I'm redoing for the bettas. We have had one lone oto for a long time. He had buddies but over the years they passed away. I am debating...
  18. e_watson09

    Starting my 29g betta sorority build!

    So I have had this 29g tank running for probably about 15 years now. Its switched from salt to freshwater multiple times. One thing that never changed was this ugly mermaid metallic gravel. Over time some of the rocks the finish came off. It's pretty sad honestly. It was kid of one of those...
  19. e_watson09

    Want To Buy Freshwater plants

    I am rescaping my 29g tank and turning it into a betta sorority! Which means, I need a ton more plants!! Show me what you got! I already have a ton of jungle val so anything other than that.
  20. e_watson09

    Finally getting my dream bettas!!!!

    The waiting game is on! A breeder around me ended up getting some GORGEOUS koi crowntails in and I've been dying for a koi crowntail since I first saw them!! Pictures will definitely be posted once they arrive! I purchased two males, then naturally I found a stunning female that will pair...
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