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  1. PeteStevers

    Hood help

    What are the dimensions around the top on the inside where the hood would sit?
  2. PeteStevers

    Overnight guppy deformation

    Is there another fish in the tank big enough to try and eat it? Is the filter too strong and it got stuck?
  3. PeteStevers

    Water ready for fish?

    Since you used a filter\media from an established aquarium, I would add a fish or two to keep the ammonia level up so the bacteria doesn't die off.
  4. PeteStevers

    What kind of plant is this

    The one in front may be some type of Bacopa. The one behind to the right with the clover looking leaves is hydrocotyle tripartita. Not sure which one you are referring to.
  5. PeteStevers

    Anyone use finnex planted plus 24/7 and co2?

    There are a couple variations of the planted + light. One is customizable in the 24/7 mode and the other is not. The one that is not has a lights out period of only 4 hours I believe.
  6. PeteStevers

    Coralline Algae

    So I took a second and looked again and what I noticed was there is a pretty distinct horizontal line where the coralline has pinked up. I did a water change as I said and it appears that the coralline that was exposed during the water change is what is looking better. This leads me to believe...
  7. PeteStevers

    Coralline Algae

    Yeah, I've read all kinds of stuff some pro ULN and some against it. Nuisance algae really bugs me so that's why I don't do it often. Maybe I'll have to reconsider. I'll look into the iron suggestion as well. Appreciate the feedback!!
  8. PeteStevers

    Coralline Algae

    This isn't really a question but more of an observation. But, if you know what's going on, I'd love to hear what you have to say. I've been trying to figure out why the coralline algae in my aquarium has gone from orange/pink to basically white. I found it interesting that immediately...
  9. PeteStevers

    Questions on cherry shrimp

    There are so many things to say about this subject :) I would suggest if you can find a local person selling them, to get a good mix of sizes. If you just go to the pet store and get 5 adults or whatever, you'll have less success. Younger shrimp tend to make the transition to your tank better...
  10. PeteStevers

    Superglue for plants

    I'd suggest using the gel type over the liquid super glue. I use Gorilla Gel in my reef tank to glue coral frags. Works great and sets up underwater.
  11. PeteStevers

    DIY auto top off hanger thingy

    No but, look into something like this. AutoAqua Smart ATO micro. Basically, a sensor that lives inside your aquarium will sense low water level and kick on a micro pump and pump water from a reservoir near your tank.
  12. PeteStevers

    Hard water to Soft Water During Water Change

    I would consider using RO water for you're water changes.
  13. PeteStevers

    I want to know whether these can be used as driftwood.

    I personally would not add those to my aquarium. Not sure if they would stay rigid or get waterlogged and become flimsy or might even rot. If you like this look though, maybe look into purchasing some Manzanita wood if its possible. Manzanita is ready to add to your aquarium and has been...
  14. PeteStevers

    Sump Media Solution? What do you think?

    Great idea! Good flow through them as well I'm sure.
  15. PeteStevers

    Identification help

    Put it back in the water with them facing you. After about 5 or 10 minutes, do you see little feather duster structures come out of the ends? If so, those are feather duster worms. Totally harmless and quite cool. Means your tank is maturing.
  16. PeteStevers

    Cherry Shrimp dropping like flies

    Just wondering if the loss was just due to adults being moved to a tank with new parameters. The first time I tried shrimp, I didn't really know as much as I do now and lost them all over a period of a couple of months. The second time, I got a mix of adults and juveniles and that was 2 years...
  17. PeteStevers

    Cherry Shrimp dropping like flies

    Research "White ring of death". You need to do smaller water changes for one. Also, if you aren't already, you need to start using shrimp mineral additives (like salty shrimp). This provides all the minerals they need to be healthy and promote proper molting. Also, I have a fluval stratum...
  18. PeteStevers

    Day 14 fishless cycle progress - been a week with the same results

    Ammonia is food for the nitrites\nitrates. Letting it go to zero will eventually stall your cycle. I'd add a bit of ammonia just to get it up to about 5ppm.
  19. PeteStevers

    10 Gallon Tank Feeding Feather Dusters

    I get mine (and actually just ordered today) from Amazon
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