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  1. skar

    My tank. If you have suggestions I'm open.

    Here it is !! Just wanted to see if you have anything in mind for me; thank you. Just added balbaulti and orange tigers.
  2. skar

    How do you see your fish tanks?

    I don't love them, I would say more in the aspect of visual entertainment. I do care for them and enjoy checking on them swimming around or exploring.
  3. skar

    Black hairy algae

    I've used flourish excel to spot treat with a syringe. That worked very well, yet I have not been able to defeat BBA completely.
  4. skar

    Chili Rasboras and African Dwarf Frog in 5 gal?

    It will be great. I've kept them together in a 75 gallon.
  5. skar

    Nerite or Mystery snails?

    I have both and like them both... My favorite to watch are mystery snails and rabbit snails.
  6. skar

    Thinking about Owning a Fish Store

    If you are opening a store you need variety. I don't go to my lfs that only sells discus or guppies. You'de have to open up for salt and fresh with some good displays and quality stock.
  7. skar

    Celestial pearl danio and Temps

    I keep a group at 78 and they are doing great. You will find there are varying opinions on just about everything, nature of the internet. People have formed opinions based on personal experience and parroting what they have read elsewhere. Hope you enjoy them.
  8. skar

    Wanted to share !

    My thoughts exactly! It's in a 75 gallon haven't seen it over a month from when I bought it. Very cool to see that it's doing well and exploring.
  9. skar

    Wanted to share !

    Found my pom pom crab !!!! Excited about this
  10. skar

    Multiple questions.

    Interesting... I assumed the availabilityof co2 to the plants to use at their will. I can dose ferts a bit heavier see if that helps. The co2 is delivered via atomizer that disburses into the output of a tidal 110. Thank you for your help.
  11. skar

    Apisto Borelli opal.

    I got this solid pic !! It's a gem to find lol
  12. skar

    Multiple questions.

    Thank you for your response. I'm using 7 pumps of this Per water change, 1-2xs per week. I added about 70ml of this to that bottle believing maybe it's molybdenum def. I also add a a hand full of mgs04. Thank you
  13. skar

    Apisto Borelli opal.

    Got this cool little one yesterday. Funny fish that sneaks around stares at me then slinks away. Really cool.
  14. skar

    Multiple questions.

    There more twisting and/ or curling.
  15. skar

    Multiple questions.

    I can do that. Now that I'm thinking about it that plant is more like 5 years old.
  16. skar

    Multiple questions.

    Which plant ? The temple plant ? I really don't know 3 years. Current layout.
  17. skar

    Multiple questions.

    Soooo .. Picked up a Apisto Borelli opal. They couldn't find the female so I got a good discount. Seems cool if it ever stops hiding. Picked up a few emperor rainbows but ... they accidentally gave me one wrong fish I assume it is a diamond tetra. I want to keep it but I don't have room for a...
  18. skar

    5 Gallon Tank Ghost Shrimp dramatic color change

    White and especially pink are not a good thing to see on ghosts. I would assume that maybe there was a toxic chemical added to the tank ? Such as algicide or test for ammonia in the water. Hope it turns out well for you
  19. skar

    Multiple questions.

    I'm adding in trace minerals to the "all in one" Then I will Continue dosing with what I have. Then I will move back to flourish excel I think after this is done. For the additions, The lfs has quite a few different sp. Of Apistos. Water changes aren't really my concern I do those all the time...
  20. skar

    Multiple questions.

    First off... this is a 75 gallon. Does this look like ca deficiency? I use a all in one liquid fert and started adding a hand of magnesium per water change.. co2 is injected 5 bps ot looks like. I still have bba which I have a siamese algea eater for, I'm not entirely sure if he's doing...
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