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  1. 2fishinabowl

    Easiest plant for aquarium

    Wisteria. Hands down the easiest, fastest-growing plant.
  2. 2fishinabowl

    Moving fish to new aquarium and adding new ones

    I'd move the fish you already have first. Then add the new fish once you're sure all is ok.
  3. 2fishinabowl

    12 days away...advice?

    Did you go on your vacation yet? Definitely get a timed feeder. We just went on vacation and bought the Fish Mate F14 from Amazon. It worked perfectly with pellets and crumbled up brine. Most of the auto-feeders rotate a drum of food and usually drop too much into the tank. This one only drops...
  4. 2fishinabowl

    Water Wisteria is Insane!

    Haha! We have the same situation in our tank. It's a great plant though. Our Platies nibble on it all day!
  5. 2fishinabowl

    Can glow light tetras go with a red ear slider

    We rescued a couple of red-eared sliders from the highway years ago. They grew from silver dollar size to large dinner plate size (about 10 inches) and kept our 55 gallon tank very messy indeed. We don't count this tank as part of our aquarium "experience" because it was more a mission of mercy...
  6. 2fishinabowl

    Can you Move Plants?

    Sure. No worries. They might lose a few leaves but will recover and start growing again. Try not to move them all at once.
  7. 2fishinabowl

    Can glow light tetras go with a red ear slider

    If you have an adult turtle (small dinner plate size) it's possible the tetras will be ignored in favor of pellets or other food. Do you have a heat lamp and basking area for the turtle(s)? On the other hand the tetras could become "feeder fish" as well.
  8. 2fishinabowl

    Watching Danios Play

    Thanks. It all got straightened out and we've even got some Platy friends to play with our Danios.
  9. 2fishinabowl

    I used a test strip to test my spit

    Wow. You guys need to get out of the house. Haha! :eek:
  10. 2fishinabowl

    Possibly a stupid question about planting/attaching Anubias.

    You can use sewing thread to tie it to the object in question. Once it takes hold (might be a month or so) remove the thread.
  11. 2fishinabowl

    Is it weird that I pretend my bettas are having an argument from across the room?

    Nope it's only crazy if you try to stop their argument. Pisces worries you're not resting enough btw.
  12. 2fishinabowl

    Is it safe to collect wild plants and put them in your tank?

    Absolutely NO reason why you can't. First quarantine-soak them in a 5 gallon bucket for a few days and to kill snail eggs or worms etc. We add a tablespoon of Alum to our quarantine bucket. Click here to read about that. Alum for plants Best of luck and please post pictures of your results.
  13. 2fishinabowl

    Platies Eating Diatoms

    We noticed the gravel being rearranged mysteriously and figured out it must be the Platies we just added to our tank. Last night I finally saw one of them sucking the brown diatoms right off the gravel. And here we thought the reduction in diatom growth was from our fantastic tank maintenance...
  14. 2fishinabowl

    Dying plants

    You can take a small scissor and trim some of the brown leaves off. That way the plants will devote more of their energy into making new chutes and roots. One other thought. When they start growing new leaves they won't look anything like the leaves you have now. Exactly like garden plants...
  15. 2fishinabowl

    How do you keep your plants lush?

  16. 2fishinabowl

    Dying plants

    They are not dying. It takes plants a couple weeks to adjust to new conditions. You'd be surprised what it takes to kill plants especially Wisteria.
  17. 2fishinabowl

    Disinfecting plants from aquarium that betta died in

    We use aluminum sulfate (pickle brine salt) on new plants and plants in quarantine. Here's a link. Alum
  18. 2fishinabowl

    To vacuum or not?

    With 2 HOB filters I think your BB surface area is covered. That's where a lot of it will live. Definitely vacuum. Don't go crazy and super deep. Do like 50 percent of the gravel and in only a handful of locations deeply. That's what we do to our tank. Sounds like you're doing it well though...
  19. 2fishinabowl

    UV Light question

    Apparently they do work but I agree with you they're not intended as the main tank filter. Bermondseyboy I didn't realize this UV sterilizer is the only filter. That's the problem then. For this size tank you could probably get away with a hang-on-back (HOB) style filter. The Aquaclear brand...
  20. 2fishinabowl

    UV Light question

    No you don't want an exposed UV light. It's an eye hazard. Besides that's too far away from the water you're trying to clear up. Looking at the model you bought it's only 5.5 watts which might take a few weeks before you notice results. In my humble opinion you would have been better off buying...
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