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    Another new addition

    <3 love my fish<3
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    Just a look at what's going on in my salt water tank

    125gal. 2 clown fish 2 yellow tangs 3 yellow tail damsels 1 blue hippo tang 1 red spotted goby 1 pajama cardinal <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    My newest additions to my family.

    Just wanted to show off my new buddies. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Anemone or no?

    No bigger than the tip of my pinky finger <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Peanut worm????

    I was doing a WC this morning and found this guy. Is it a peanut worm. And is it reef safe. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Weird wormy thing

    Found these guys in my over flow. Any ideA what they are?? <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    What is this growing on my dead coral? It's actually bright green in person. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3 x( •)
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    Craig's list SW tank.

    So I'm buying a 120g SW tank and stand. All accessories including fish. It's set up at the persons house. An hour away at that. How would I go about transporting. Live rock. Coral. Live sand. Fish. And it's cycled. I don't know how I could get it home with out completely screwing it up. Answers...
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    Zucchini for pleco and mollies?

    Do I need to boil zucchini before I put it in the tank? <3 LOVE MY FISH<3 x( •)
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    Should I clean my filter?

    My tank is just a bit cloudy. I did a gravel siphon about 4 days ago. My tank has been cycled for bout 3 weeks. Is it ok to clean my filter. Should I replace the cartridge? Thanks in advance. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    We thought he was a Dalmatian (hence the name) till he developed this beautiful blue on his body. Love my mollies <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    New substrate:)

    Added the black sand today!! My fishes love it. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Algae eater ID needed

    What kind of algae eater is this ?? Please And thank you. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Changing substrate..

    How do i go about changing my gravel into sand? Anything is appreciated <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Nitrite and ammonia spike !!!

    One of my orange neon platies is acting sick or listless. I did a water change this morning to see if she would feel better. I was gonna quarantine her bit she acted better after the WC. But this evening she is hiding again breathing heavy on the bottom. I checked my levels and ammonia is up And...
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    Baby fish for cycling???

    Should I cycle my new ten gal with my baby mollies? They are 3 weeks old. I don't wanna kill them tho. Will they be safe? <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Alkalinity low

    Why is my alkalinity low? Stats: Nitrate: 10 Nitrite: 0 Hardness: 150-200 Alk: 40 Ph: 7.2 4 mollies 3 platies 2 corydoras 3 cherry barbs I know I'm stocked they have done so well. Water quality has not given me problems since it's cycled. <3 LOVE MY FISH<3
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    Help levels too high!!??

    Hi, I'm new to this forum..I have seen a lot of great advice here. I am a beginner as of August 9th 2014. my levels are all messed up. So I set up my 20 gal tank and let it run for 48 hrs. I then put in 4 mollies(1xmarble,2xblack,1xgold dust lyre tail),3 endlers, 4 platies(1x red wag, 3x neon...

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