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  1. steveredlakefallsmn

    FINALLY my new GBRs

    Well i finally got my GBRs,been wanting them for a long time..,got a pair from my LFS,wich is the best around,GRAND FORKS,ND.and im watching them right know,they look sooooooo,happy.and im soooooo,proud of them.i just hope that i can keep them alive,i know they say they are hard to keep if you...
  2. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question Taboo?

    just wondering if this idea was taboo or not?i just put my freind pete in a 30gal tank,(my betta by the a deformed albino cory cat,they are doing great and have been for quite i went and bought 3 fancie male guppies,and 2 other cory cat.(dont really know what kind...
  3. steveredlakefallsmn

    I Finally Moved.

    hello,i have finally made it to my new home.moved all my fish and they have done great!only thing is i have them all in my 55 gal,witch includes 2 parrots 1 convict 1 large commen pleco 1 bristle pleco 1 orange platy 5 harlaquin rose boras 5 tiger barbs,they all seem to be doing great...
  4. steveredlakefallsmn

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    :;pumpkin,I would like to wish everyone on fishlore,to have a safe and happy thanksgiving(if you cellobrate it),and dont eat to much turkey(or what ever) we are under a winter storm warning in NW minn,and a blizzard watch for tommorrow,so i hope we can make it to moms this year for turkey day...
  5. steveredlakefallsmn

    Has anyone seen the new angel fish?

    just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of the new angels they have geneticly made,they glo in blue lite.says they implanted somthing in the eggs of angels to make them glo?just curiose,saw it on the news today.
  6. steveredlakefallsmn

    to all fishloreians.

    just want to give a big shout out to all the moderators who help us out on this site,and to all that have helped me with my problems when they occured.i think they all deserve a big thank you!do you agree?if so let them know.hope everyone has a great thanks mike for this site it...
  7. steveredlakefallsmn

    Have A Great Weekend!

    just want to wish everyone a great and safe weekend,hope we all can get out andone last time before going back to school,and what not.KEEP IT SAFE.:;bb
  8. steveredlakefallsmn

    Help High Nitrates

    i have been doing water changes,50%,every other day,for the last 3 days,and my nitrates are blown out the roof,like 80ppm+,i am starting to panic here,i will be leaving for a week and i need to get this down,i really do not want to come back home to a tank with dead fish,i have cleaned gravel...
  9. steveredlakefallsmn

    ive never seen so many eggs!

    my bloody parrots have once again laid more eggs,this time in a spot that i can easily watch them,they are in a clay pot,most every inch of it is covered in eggs,looks like it has snowed in there,must be a couple hundred eggs,there is white many times will they spawn like...
  10. steveredlakefallsmn

    my parrots seem to be GONE!

    wow! not sure whats up,but my parrots seem to hve vanished!i came home yesterday to not find them in the tank,so i sat and watched for a while,they finally showed up,they were both hiding in a artifitial hallow peice of driftwood of sorts,i have noticed in the past week or so that they seem to...
  11. steveredlakefallsmn

    want to share a picture of your town?

    what does your town or area were you live look like? oopps here are my pics oopps yet another still trying to figure this out!yet another one for you. Merged back to back posts. Thanks! Ken
  12. steveredlakefallsmn

    finely got my pics!!!

    so i finally got my pics in the gallery,took a while to get them going but i did it not to bad for an amiture,please all, take a look and give me some in put.thanks,STEVE.
  13. steveredlakefallsmn

    i think my br parrot is a decorator

    ive been noticing over the past few days that one of my parrots is redecorating my will pick up a stone and place it on a green plant,kinda resembles a christmas decorating contest,it has placed them all over this plant and has nocked down a pile of river rock,and is moving them all nice...
  14. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question submersive heaters

    hello this is probably a dumb ?? but i see that most of the heaters are close to the bottem of your tanks or even at an angle,i wasnt to sure if you could totally sink your heater in the tank?i am a little nurves in doing this(fear of electricution),what about the cord?is this really safe?just...
  15. steveredlakefallsmn

    help with my parrots eye

    i have just noticed that one of my brparrots has a missing lense?i thought i saw something funny floating on the surface,well i looked closer and it looked like an eye,shinney clear and with a black spot in the middle.well i took a closer look at my brparrot and yes it looks like it is missing...
  16. steveredlakefallsmn

    just bought new brislenose pleco

    wow what a great fish,i just picked it up yesterday and now have it in my 45 gallon.i also bought three new albino korys,but am sad to say i lost two of them this afternoon on my luch break,seems they are to small to swim away from the intake tube on my filter,both caught up in it,any...
  17. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question floating snail

    i have a ?,is it normal for my mystery snail to float around the tank?i have seen him do this twice now,i thought he was dead but found him latter crawling up the side of the tank.ive also found him motionless on the bottom,almost like he was dead,is this normal for the snail.or do i have a...
  18. steveredlakefallsmn

    deer antlers

    just wondering if a person could use deer antlers instead of driftwood or has anyone ever done this before??
  19. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question bought used tank.

    hello,i just bought a used tank and have a couple ??s,1 i do not know the size of it,but the dems are 36" long x 23 3/4" tall x 12 1/4"wide,any ideas?-2 it came with a filter,(canister)-marine land-H.O.T.magnum.i never used one like this and am wondering if it is good or not?,also should i give...
  20. steveredlakefallsmn

    want to start a new tank with real plants.

    would like to start a new tank with real plants can anyone help me with some ideas on what a good starter plant would be,and is it hard to grow them?i will be picking up a new 30 gal tank and would like to start with something other than artafitial.any help would be greatly apreitiated thank you.

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