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    OMG What is this????

    Definitely snail eggs. Congrats, your snails are happy and healthy.
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    Beginner Breeder - Guppies or Killifish?

    I think guppies would be easier. If you're doing this for money, note that selling fish can be difficult, and you are unlikely to do more than break even.
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    My ghost shrimp is cold. Please help!

    The heating pad won't he very helpful because water warms up less readily than air, and they're made to warm air. Get a new heater.
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    Food for Growth

    However much she can eat in 15 seconds. So probably around 10 or 12?
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    African dwarf frogs

    How old are they? They don't live longer than 3 years generally.
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    Male platy attacking male betta

    If you don't want the betta injured, you need to separate them. If you don’t want another tank, tank dividers are a thing.
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    Missing snail!

    How deep is your gravel? It might have burrowed in.
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    Closed ecosystem with assassin snails

    I kind of want to build a closed ecosystem with a more complex food chain than most. I'm thinking plants of some sort, herbivore snails, and assassin snails. My question is this: would it be possible to establish a snail population in a 5 gallon bottle that can't be wiped out by an assassin...
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    Figure 8 puffer food

    Ok, so, I'm working on building up a variety of potential food options for the figure 8 puffers I will be getting. So far I have a ramshorn snail colony, and I also plan on feeding pond snails, feeder shrimp of different varieties, meal worms( both the juveniles and adults), crickets, daphnia...
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    Pregnant Shrimp

    Apparently what you want to do is remove the adults and increase the salinity once the eggs have been released. The adults will not survive in brackish water.
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    Hillstream Loach Eating Fry

    I personally wouldn't risk it. However, your fish, your rules.
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    Hillstream Loach Eating Fry

    I've seen dojo loaches eat guppy fry.
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    Hillstream Loach Eating Fry

    Nearly any fish will eat fry. Did a quick Google search, and, given that they'll eat most live foods, Hillstream loaches are unlikely to be an exception.
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    Neon Green Algae

    Does it matter what it is? The best ways to get rid of any algae are reducing the nutrients in the tank, reducing the amount of light it gets, or adding snails like nerites or mystery snails that will eat algae but won't take over your tank.
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    Egg fungus

    Yes, the fungal ones can affect the good ones. Fungus spreads. You're just going to have to do the best you can with the removal. Keep in mind that killing a few good eggs is better than losing the lot to fungus.
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    Carbon vs. sponges

    Carbon does very little compared to biological filtration, which happens in sponges and biomedia.
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    Fruit kitchen scraps

    Was not aware there was more than one kind of compost worm until you said that. After much research, I think I actually have red wigglers.
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    Seachem Purigen lasted less than a week!

    It typically lasts longer, and it turning brown so quickly means that yes, you are overfeeding. What are your water parameters like?
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    Buffer and PH keep tanking

    Just test your buffer every day and add more, mixed with water, when you need it.
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    Fruit kitchen scraps

    What insects eat fruit kitchen scraps like banana peels really well? My earthworms in my vermicompost box don't seem to like them that much, so I thought I'd get something else to turn the fruit scraps into fertilizer, lol. Roaches aren't an option, just fyi. My husband refuses to have them in...
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