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  1. Fae

    Why am I having such crazy ph and kh swings with seachem buffers and equilibrium

    Hi guys, I was trying to get an answer to this on caudata but it's not working, I'm gonna combine the two posts I made here if anyone can please explain what's going on! I know the popular opinion is to leave ph alone but idk how I'm supposed to safely move one axolotl to another tank when it's...
  2. Fae

    Female betta survived being sucked into an aquaclear. What should I do now?

    4 days ago I found Wendy wedged in between the filter basket and the pump in her aquaclear HOB. I was shocked that she was even alive (and feeling like a total scum bag for letting this happen to her,) but she has proven to be remarkably resilient over these past few days. ***Warning!!! This...
  3. Fae

    Does my dosage for seachem alkaline/acid buffer sound right?

    Trying to figure out the dosage for these is a headache! I think I understand the calculation, but I'm nervous to just dump in that much without having someone double check. Also: I'm not chasing a pH, or doing this completely ignorant, so please be willing to explain so I can learn! Anyway...
  4. Fae

    How do you get good circulation for your betta tank?

    I'm struggling to find the balance between too much current and dead spots in my bettas 10gal. It's a pretty new set up, so it still has some growing in to do. (The Aquaclear20 was run on my established 50gal community for a week before adding to this tank). But already I'm starting to...
  5. Fae

    50 Gallon Tank Would harlequin raspboros be a good addition to my tank?

    Hi all, After losing almost all of my cpds to columnaris, I'm ready to think about restocking again. I think I'd like to avoid CPDs again, as I have suspicions two unchangeable things played a part in lowering their immune systems. 1. My water temperature varied over the winter as they're in...
  6. Fae

    Dropsy caused by bacteria going internal? Please help

    Questions summarized at the bottom for the lazy. Flower had an external infection, possibly aeronomas, that I didn't treat properly, and it ended up getting under his scales. This picture is from April 6th. I've since managed to clear most of the external infection. He's been through about...
  7. Fae

    Can someone please identify this as a bacterial or fungal growth? From a light microscope slide

    Flower my betta is chronically sick. Most recently, he's been having fin rot. Daily I use either merbromin, hydrogen peroxide watered down, or methylblue to swab off the rotted parts of fin. It appears as white cottony tufts, only on fin tips. There was what appeared to be white film growing on...
  8. Fae

    What's the new little red dot on my honey gouramis face?

    Just noticed this little red dot on my honey's chin, right between her eye and where the gill slit begins Also, she's had these white dots on her tail since I got her about 8 months ago. Any cause for concern?
  9. Fae

    My experience treating CPD's with the "fast" strain of columnaris [saddleback]

    I just lost 10/14 of my Celestial Pearl Danios to columnaris in less than a week. Today marks my first 24 hours without losing any fish. I'm hoping the remaining 4 I was able to treat in time to save them, but it's hard to say. I wanted to do a little write up to hopefully help someone...
  10. Fae

    Does this look like columnaris?

    I've had 7/14 of my Celestial Pearl Danios die in the past 5 days, it took me until day 3 to realize it was probably columnaris. I've lost at least 1 a day, but since I isolated them in a hospital tank and started treating them I've lost 5. Can anyone confirm this is columnaris? I'm not sure...
  11. Fae

    Should I treat my whole tank with kanaplex for a few fish with columnaris?

    I've lost 4 fish in the past 4 days and I only just figured out its columnaris Backstory: so a week ago I noticed my CPDs were being strange and crowding in a corner for no apparent reason. Whether this is caused by the disease or this caused the disease (stress) isn't apparent. My temperature...
  12. Fae

    Internal parasite meds that are safe with shrimp, snails, and plants?

    I keep having random, unexplained fish deaths. My parameters are 0/0/20>, temperature is normal, nothing weird has been happening. Some of my fish have sunken bellies, and are barely eating. Everyone SHOULD be happy. But I digress My tank is heavily planted and littered with shrimp and...
  13. Fae

    An app to help you interpret API test kit!

    So I was struggling to read my nitrate test, as usual, when I thought... Maybe there's an app for that? Well kinda, but I didn't want to pay for the tetra one lol. Instead I downloaded this awesome free app (play store) called Colour Grab! You just use the camera to save the colour into...
  14. Fae

    My CPD has a weird line running down its back like it's splitting in half

    Wow I'm glad I decided to quarantine. I got two celestial pearl danios from a LFS today that's usually pretty good for healthy fish, but these were the last two and so maybe something happened? They look a bit messed up. First, pics: The yellow line along his back isn't just the lighting...
  15. Fae

    Is it more likely another fish killed my juvenile honey gourami or sickness? **Warning sad pictures **

    Hey everyone. Sad to say my honey gourami juveniles didn't make it. I'm thinking it was likely my female betta who killed them, as they both appeared healthy as far as I could tell (one was maybe a bit skinny), but I'm no expert. They both were fine even at a smaller size with everyone else...
  16. Fae

    Fry (smolt?) Gender identification

    Is anyone able to tell the gender yet of my baby honey gourami? It's about 5 months old I think. I have another that looks about the same but slightly smaller, and it's about 5 days younger. They both have a light black line starting down the middle, not sure if that means anything
  17. Fae

    How long does it take honey gourami fry to grow to maturity?

    I have some honey gourami fry that are still pretty smol, but holding their own in my community tank They are about 4 months old I think. Bad pic but just under 1 inch long. They seem to be not growing much, but it's hard to tell. How long until they're bigger than my cpds/ mature? Mii I saw...
  18. Fae

    Is this a parasite, tumor, or something else in my bettas gills?

    Sorry it's really tough to get a good picture, but basically it's the white round things in along where the red gill meets the gill cover. They kind of look like camera flashes, but are actually white lumps. Was just one a couple weeks ago and has grown to two as of two days ago. I'm starting to...
  19. Fae

    5 Gallon Tank Tumor or parasite IN bettas gill?

    I'm not even going to try to get a pic because my phone sucks just for glamour shots... But basically we noticed my Betta has had a white lump in his gill for at least a couple weeks. The only reason I even saw it, is because I thought it would be a good idea to do a little check up and look...
  20. Fae

    When do you add honey gourami fry back to community tank?

    I have 4 honey gourami fry that I'm itching to add back to the main tank. They're about 2-3(?) Months old, maybe 1.5 inches long. The biggest one is the same size as my smallest CPD. No major aggressors in my tank, and I've gone and put sponges over all my filter intakes. My biggest worry...
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