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  1. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Worm Identification

    Ok so I noticed this worm a few weeks ago. It was in the gravel moving. I tried to get it out with tweezers, but the lil booger kept out maneuvering me. The worm is really good at digging itself back into the gravel. I seen it again about a week later and tried the tweezers in conjunction with...
  2. Sb092

    10 or 20 ppm on api nitrate test?

    I having the hardest time deciphering colors…my nitrate is either 10 or 20??? Anyone know if I am reading this correctly? same with ph… is it 7.6-8.0 or 7.4-7.6… the browns are throwing me off with the high range test.
  3. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Reviews of Ultralife blue green slime stain remover

    I am experiencing a slight blue-green algae outbreak. I know from research that it’s not algae by some kind of cyno bacteria. I came across two products in my research: mardel maracyn (i believe it is a type of erythromycin) and ultralife blue green slime stain remover (supposed to be a more...
  4. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Help ID this snail!

    I have had a small snail outbreak recently. They must have hitchhiked on newly added plants. I have identified them as being all three “pest” snail species. I have bladder, pond, and ran shore. Whilst sone enjoy these snails and do not think they are pests, I am not wanting them. I have been...
  5. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Brown algae w/o fish

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank?: 75 gallon What type of water are you using in your tank? (tap, well, RO/DI, other): Tap When did you start cycling the tank?: August 11, 2021 What type of filtration are you running on this tank? (sponge, HOB, canister, other): Fluval fx6 canister If...
  6. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Bladder or Pond snails?

    I am not sure if these tiny babies are pond snails or bladder. I know they have different antennas and one the shell goes left, the other to the right. These lil buggers just showed up in my tank. I have already picked out quite a few (maybe 20). I do have a hair algae bloom, so I was...
  7. Sb092

    Anyone experiencing overly rude people?

    Some people want to point out all the mistakes your making, instead of trying to answer the questions being asked. Some think their answers are the absolute and only answers. I have had people correct information they believe is incorrect. I have also experienced people who simply think they...
  8. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank No nitrites ???

    I am currently doing a fishless cycle. The last time I tested water parameters was on 8/18 with results at ammonia 0.25, nitrite 1.0, nitrate 5.0-10. Today is 8/25 and my readings are ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0, nitrate between 10-20. I’m just curious if this means my tank is cycled? The 0 nitrite...
  9. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank Possible fungal infection

    I recently purchased an African Dwarf Frog. Current tank parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0.25, nitrate ~10. I know that frogs are supposed to shed skin. I’ve only had the frog a few days, I think I bought him Tuesday. He was a bit whitish when I first got him, and super skinny. I’ve been...
  10. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Numbers seem off

    Ok. I literally put water in the 75 gallon. I used seachem prime to dechlorinate the water. I used a cap and a half. It said one cap for 50 gallons, so half a cap should do 25 gallons. I did some research and now know 7.5mL is the correct dosage for my tank. I do have 5mL syringes, so next time...
  11. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank New tank mates

    I have had my 5 gallon for about 6 months. It was an upgrade from a 3.5 gal. I had the 3.5 gallon for 2 years… probably a little more. I have had several betta fish. Each one got sick and died. The tank parameters were great, water changes done regularly, and temp was perfect. I have had the...
  12. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank Turbo loves zucchini

    I have never tried to blanch veggies before. I attempted it and believe I have succeeded! Turbo the rabbit snail absolutely loves blanched zucchini!!!
  13. Sb092

    75 Gallon Tank Help with Python Syphon

    I purchased the python syphoning kit to make life easier with a 75 gallon tank. I went to hook up the python to the sink and realized it will not fit. I do have a pull down sprayer type of faucet. I unscrewed the outer sprayer portion of my faucet. I looked inside because I did not see threads...
  14. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank Betta pics

    I put a black background on my tank…. I obviously didn’t think it through. Now my pretty betta only shines when he is near the bottom and in the light. Other times he looks like a black blob in the tank .
  15. Sb092

    New Product Test

    I recently purchased Brightwell microbacter starter. It is supposed to be live bacteria to atart the nitrifying process. It was taking forever for my tank to cycle. I tested my water today. I did a water change and gravel clean on Thursday, June 17th. Today’s tests are off the charts! Ammonia is...
  16. Sb092

    75 gallon build; from ground up

    I began my fish keeping with a 3.5 gallon classroom pet aquarium. Upgraded to a 5 gallon (in my home). My husband recently purchased a 75 gallon marineland aquarium. It is 48x18x20. I have already purchased many products to begin the set up. I will add pictures of the products purchased as they...
  17. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank Bubble nest!!!

    I’ve recently changed all fake plants (except whats on the ornament) with live plants. ☺️ My betta must be really happy because I woke up to a bubble nest! I am hoping the drift wood helps lower my pH just a tad, it’s currently at 7.6. Well that’s what the last test showed (will be retesting...
  18. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank Noticed something

    So, I am far from an expert fish keeper. I have learned a lot on this journey of aquarium life. We all have been in a place where it seems nothing we do goes right and all our little water buddies suffer. We care and want to help so we get on the internet searching asking experts for advice and...
  19. Sb092

    5 Gallon Tank When tanks go wrong

    So, I am far from an expert fish keeper. I have learned a lot on this journey of aquarium life. We all have been in a place where it seems nothing we do goes right and all our little water buddies suffer. We care and want to help so we get on the internet searching asking experts for advice and...
  20. Sb092

    75 gallon stand build?

    I have a 75 gallon marine land rectangle tank. It is about 48 x 18 x ?. I have been viewing videos online for days on how to build one. The videos are great and have lots of tips and tricks to offer. That said I am having problems finding anyone who has the dimensions listed. For example...if...
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