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  1. naterock15

    10 Gallon Tank Some thoughts on a starter salt water tank

    Hello everyone! Wanted some input on this before I went and actually did it, I have a extra 10g tank and some extra filters, heaters, etc... I was wondering if I could set up a 10g saltwater as this would be my first saltwater and thought it would be an easier and cheaper starting point. I...
  2. naterock15

    75 Gallon Tank Hob, 90g sponge filter bio question

    Hello all, I just have a quick question to ask, if I have a penguin 375 pro and a 90g sponge filter what would be the best way to add bio filtration? I have a 75g tank and would really like some tips! Thank you!
  3. naterock15

    75 Gallon Tank Corys not doing well, Not eating after Gravel change

    Hello everyone this is my first post on here, looking to get some advise. I may have messed up, so I have a 75g tank that was well established, has/d 14 neon tetras, 3 female bettas, 1 male beta, 1 albino common pleco (~5”) and 3 albino corys. ( 5 black tetras, 3 albino corys added at time of...
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