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  1. Masspanic

    I found a panda cory fry!

    I couldn't get a picture because when I came back with my phone he was gone, but I looked up photos online and it was definitely a cory fry. I hadn't even noticed my panda cories laying eggs. I can't find the little guy again and I have no idea how many of them there might be. If I can't find...
  2. Masspanic

    20 Gallon Tank Suggestions? Complete redo with stock

    I’m looking for a pair or small group of fish that can live with pygmy cories and possibly another schooling fish. Open to any schooling fish. Interested in cichlids, Apistos, or gouramis. No bettas. Would also be open to a species tank instead. Low-tech, medium planted. Suggestions?
  3. Masspanic

    Does betta have TB? Can he ever recover?

    I think my boy has TB but I’m not sure and at any rate he’s not doing well. He’s always had a bit of a curved body but I always just assumed it was some sort of formation defect or something benign as it never seemed to cause issues. He’s always been what I would call “restful.” But for several...
  4. Masspanic

    29 Gallon Tank Fish stocking and tank decor/plants revamping

    Hello! Been a while since I've posted--I mostly lurk nowadays haha. But anyway I just moved and thought this might be a great opportunity to revamp things. I have two tanks: 29's current inhabitants: 1 female betta 3 honey gourami (1m:2f) 12 neon tetras 6 panda cories 20's inhabitants: 1 male...
  5. Masspanic

    Gray coloration on honey gourami

    Just noticed graying around the face of one of my honey gouramis. I’ve had this particular fish a few months without seeing this. What might be the cause of this and is it harmful? (Sorry about the poor quality picture, it looks more gray in person)
  6. Masspanic

    Your experience with guinea pigs?

    So I’ve taken care of a rabbit before, but now that this will likely be my last summer staying with my parents (in college), I’m looking into getting my own small animal(s). What are some pros and cons of keeping guinea pigs? Any tips for keeping guinea pigs? Things you’ve learned that you...
  7. Masspanic

    Creative solutions to limited space?

    I'm moving to somewhere with less space than my current set-up, so I'm wondering what are some creative solutions y'all have used in response to limited space? Just looking for general ideas, pictures would be great. (Also, wasn't sure where this thread belonged, sorry)
  8. Masspanic

    Newly divided tank and new betta

    I’m pretty pleased with how splitting the tank turned out and I love the colors of my new betta!
  9. Masspanic

    My first babies!

    I’ve never had anything breed before but it seems my nerite snails did! So excited Edit: False alarm apparently
  10. Masspanic

    20 high tank divider?

    I've gone down to just the 2 tanks now because of lack of space and now that that's done I'm thinking I want to divide the 20 high. Current inhabitants are a male betta, 8 pygmy cories, and 5 albino cories. I'd put one group of cories on either side and a betta on either side. Two questions...
  11. Masspanic

    Recommendations for plants for this tank?

    I think I want more plants but I'm not sure what would look good. I feel like I want something mid-ground since I have a lot of height in the back. Suggestions?
  12. Masspanic

    Free Glowlight and black neon tetras, guppies

    5 glowlight tetras (one albino) 5 black neon tetras 2 female guppies 2 male guppies 1 baby guppy of unknown sex (was mixed in with some ghost shrimp) Have to take down one of my tanks unfortunately
  13. Masspanic

    Anyone in AL, USA?

    Anyone around Tuscaloosa, AL? Know of any fish clubs near it? And any good fish stores? I'll drive up to an hour away (which puts me just in range of Birmingham)
  14. Masspanic

    Want To Buy Two female bettas

    I've had two female bettas die now in succession from a chain pet store (no LFS near me), so I figured I would try to see if anyone was selling here, preferably koi and/or half moon and not blue (previous two were). They are NOT going in the same tank. I'm planning on housing one in the 20 my...
  15. Masspanic

    1 Gallon Tank Anyone keep a 1g for growing plants?

    I have a 1g from when I first started years ago (thankfully I quickly upgraded and learned a thing or two). Its been sitting in my closet forever, and so I was wanting to use it to grow out plants. Anyone else keep something similar who wouldn't mind posting photos so I can get ideas? Also: How...
  16. Masspanic

    Honey gourami: Are these male/female/one of each?

    Originally I thought I had a m:f pair, because one was a bit paler and bigger, but I heard females have a gray line down the middle and I think there's a faint gray line on both? I don't know; I'd like a second pair of eyes please, I'm new to honey gourami. The one labeled 1 is the one I thought...
  17. Masspanic

    20 Gallon Tank Ich in tank. Female betta dead. At a loss.

    A few days ago, I noticed ich on my female betta, Astrid (she was quarantined for a few days and she was fine for the week in between quarantine and first symptoms). I did a 40% water change and dosed with API Super Ich Cure and I'm using aquarium salt with water changes. Just did the second...
  18. Masspanic

    Why is my gravel turning yellow?

    Its sort of hard to tell in the picture but my natural colored gravel is turning this weird yellow-ish color. It comes off if I pick a piece of gravel up and rub it. What is this? Is it dangerous? How do I make it go away?
  19. Masspanic

    5 Gallon Tank New betta! Help me name him please

    After getting a sweet little girl for my community 20g, I’ve decided I love bettas and needed another one. So after transferring some media and buying him some plants, my new boy was ready to come home! I’m stuck on a name though. Let me know if you have suggestions! Also, can I keep 3 or 5 RCS...
  20. Masspanic

    How did your betta first react to their new community tank?

    This little girl is Astrid. She is my first betta and after sitting for two days in a breeder box, she's been introduced to her forever home with my black neon and glowlight tetras (albino cories to be added soon). I expected... something when I let her out, but she has almost no interest in...
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