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  1. The2dCour

    Underwater- Corydoras and eggs (night)

    Just thought I'd share my corydoras eggs.
  2. The2dCour

    Underwater view with the shrimps

    Shrimps corydoras and endlers from under the water.
  3. The2dCour

    Sumo loaches are lovers too.

    Sumo loaches don't always fight =)
  4. The2dCour

    Wild/Pond plant ID

    From northeastern United States
  5. The2dCour

    Sunday: Spot the Sumo

    Sorry if this is too basic, maybe the kids will find it challenging
  6. The2dCour

    Lost kuhli lost color

    A long lost kuhli appeared today after gravel vac and wc. He was almost albino, lost a lot of color. Is this normal for one that has perhaps been hiding and burrowing for a long time? Do I have a problem? He went back to wherever and no pic sadly. 6 or 7 other kuhlis with normal coloring no...
  7. The2dCour


    Caught em nibbling on the snails' broccoli today! =O
  8. The2dCour

    Plumbing question / canister in line gear

    I think I need to do something creative to make this work. There is barely any space for tubing between the heater height and canister output! I think I will have to put it on the floor in any case. Any ideas on what to do? Am I going to have to use pipes? Can I run another in-line unit by...
  9. The2dCour

    Things nobody tells you...

    What's your "Things nobody tells you" story? Doesn't have to be pet related. Today I was having a second look for fittings to attach 5/8" ID tubing to. Why can't I find the 5/8 OD fittings? It dawned on me, the 1/2" fittings go on the 5/8" hose! Derp.
  10. The2dCour

    Two plant ID please

    I didn't buy these, were gifted or hitchhiked just wondering what it is The evergreen looking one. it will grow roots but I've been floating it and let it attach wherever. Hard time keeping them alive. I was hoping the co2 will wake it up and not a water thing. I feel like this is something...
  11. The2dCour

    40 breeder journal featuring tiger barbs

    Going to journal through adding CO2 to this tank. A little about it: Gear: Aqueon 40g breeder One of those metal 800lb racks from big box Nicrew 36" Sky Light Finnex 36" 24/7 KLC Fluval 407 canister straight sponges and bio media, crushed coral Ziss bubble bio moving bed filter (to be removed?)...
  12. The2dCour

    Output pressure drop

    I left with an output pressure of 50 psi in the morning. Now no matter how I turn the dials the pressure won't go over 10 or 20 psi and the bps output won't go over 2 or 3. Did I blow a line? I don't hear a leak. Brand new Fzone Pro regulator. edit: it looks like the system is pushing water...
  13. The2dCour

    CO2 and oxygenation.

    I'm about to install CO2 in my 40g and was wondering if I will have to tune my setup. As it stands there are 2 air lines running a sponge filter w/ airstone and a moving bed filter. There is moderated surface agitation but you can see First time setting up co2.Is there too much oxygenation...
  14. The2dCour

    FZone vs Co2 art vs ??? regulators

    Trying to sift through some of the marketing hyperbole on these products. The ones I'm currently interested in are the Fzone Pro series dual stage regulator, the Fzone 3.0 mini and one of the two Co2 art pro-se or pro-elite. I can't for the life of me distinguish between $120 reg and a $320...
  15. The2dCour

    How useless has google search actually become?

    Be warned, rant ahead For instance, search for: how to stop google search results from favoring ecommerce websites and just gawk at the ironic results. Seems harder and harder to find actual information on the web these days. All you get are ads, affiliate links, shills, social media...
  16. The2dCour

    Barbs being barbs

    Wow. A medium size green barb decided it saw something tastey going up the gravel vac tube and swam up and down it before I could blink. 12" long tube, I almost had a heart attack! Those barbs though.
  17. The2dCour

    3 shrimp in a bag

    I came home to a surprise today. Caught somewhat off guard and semi prepared I am wondering how long three cherry/bloody mary shrimp can be safely kept in a bag from the store with some moss in it while I change the water in their new home? Also, their new home is in question. I have a 10g tank...
  18. The2dCour

    Do the worm.

    If you want to ID that's a bonus. I just thought I'd share this dancing worm.
  19. The2dCour

    Cheaper/non glass canopy

    Is there something supremely special about glass canopy that make them as expensive as the tanks they go on. Call me daft but I refuse to pay $60 for a lid on my $50 tank. What do people around here use as a cost effective alternative?
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