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    I have a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft tank, currently housing the fish that came with the tank. 1 Royal plec, 2 striped raphael catfish, 1 albino bristlenose plec and an upside down catfish. These guys are doing very well and I'm now looking to slowly fill it up I'm looking for ideas on stocking this...
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    Well since I was last on, I've lost Io: I've also lost Sirius, only had him a few weeks. They were both victims of dropsy (I sure can pick them...) Buuuuuut Jupiter is still kicking around, flares at everything, he's getting on a bit, I've had him for over a year now, and his...
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    I've not been on in a while, but circumstances have dictated that I come on here and give you guys an update. Triton has just turned 2, I've had him for a year and a half and I'm sad to say that right now, he's being put to sleep :'( I only say this as there were a few of you out there who...
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    Goodbye and Hello

    I've not been around much, I know. My new job hours are crazy and when I'm not there until 10pm, I'm sleeping or cleaning fish. Typical, huh?! So I lost my little Orion that I only had for a couple of months to, you guessed it, my favourite disease, Dropsy... He passed faster than I've...
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    Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

    To all of you, and our Irish friends, Happy St Patrick's Day!!! Enjoy the green pints of Guinness and have fun!
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    Shrimp on the Run!

    I was feeding my fish this morning and noticed in my endler tank that the shrimp were climbing up above the water level. Hmm, weird, I said to myself and as I didn't have a lot of time (getting ready for work), I only did an ammonia & nitrite test, both came back as 0 as expected. I did a...
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    Orion has Arrived!

    The title says it all, my lovely new HM is here. He settled VERY fast, immediately exploring when he was let out and has been swimming happily since then. He has ignored his next door neighbour flaring at him and is super friendly, following my finger all over the place and immediately coming...
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    New Addition!!

    After losing a few boys, I decided it was time to treat myself and go for a HM that I've always wanted. The breeder I got Calypso and forum favourite Triton from has sadly been forced out of business so I had to find an alternative. have fish always in stock. I found...
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    RIP Atlas

    My little blue VT Atlas died last night :'( He was old, and had been losing his fins. He started to get lethargic and began to miss food at the weekend. He went downhill pretty quickly, but that's the way it goes sometimes... By Sunday night he was just lying panting at the bottom. So I...
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    Female Endlers Turning Male?

    I'm raising about a million endler fry! As the males get older, get their colour and start behaving like males I remove them to their own tank as I have NO MORE ROOM for baby fish haha!! The last little male was removed on Friday night when I cleaned everyone out. When I went to feed them...
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    Manic night!

    1. I rejoined facebook after about 2 years, everything's changed and I'm still trying to figure it all out. 2. I have FAR TOO MANY fry. Endlers of course. I tried feeding a few to my bettas when they were first born. Then I found more fry hiding the other night and gave Triton/Calypso's...
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    Hello, I'm still here!!!

    I have had a hectic month, between being holed up in bed for a week ill, trouble at work bordering on victimising and lack of sleep. I hope you ALL had a wonderful christmas and new year, I was ill but still had a good time. All my fish are doing well, fry growing too fast as well!! I have...
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    R.I.P Draconis

    Bye Draconis. He's just finishing his stint in the clove oil, vodka's just gone in, will wait 20 mins and check, but I think he's already gone :'( He had pop eye, stopped eating yesterday afternoon and was hanging about the top. He was halfway through ANOTHER course of meds with daily...
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    Funny Betta Tank (DO NOT TRY AT HOME!!!)

    As you can see my modified picture is below to give us all a little giggle... I'm back on. we had power cuts over the weekend, power off all day for a couple days. All fish made it, even my few weeks old fry (luckily). The temp dropped quite low, but we're back on for now. We have had a...
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    Fry (After a conversation today!)

    These are fry pics! The first pic are the 12 fry whose mummy died nearly 2 weeks ago. They are just over 2 weeks old. The second pic is of the 10 fry that are only 3 days old. The pics are not perfect and you will never see them all, but enjoy!!
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    Not sure what to do

    Draconis recently had white bits on the right hand side of his face. I got a link posted for me and the meds I used seemed to help. They never got rid of it, but certainly made it look much better. Thu I fed him and I use a rubber ended stick to give them worms as I won't touch them! He...
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    Video: Anyone ever seen their fish bubblenesting?

    I'm playing the Xbox one morning and something makes me turn around that moment. I see Triton doing something strange. Have a closer (covertly surveying him) look and see him bubblenesting. Carefully, I get my camera, start filming and zoom in - in case I scare him and he sees me, starts...
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    Brother's betta getting big

    When this STILL UNNAMED CT was bought (!), he was tiny and just a little baby. But now, his fins have suddenly grown and they are massively long. I've shown a few pics here and the last 2 pics show his front ventrals. One is so long. In the second last pic, the very front long white 'crown'...
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    My new betta Jupiter!

    OK, I'm at the pet store looking for fishy items and I look at the bettas. I see a little CT there, tiny little thing. He has red and clear fins and a peachy body. I had no intention of buying any fish so left him. Two weeks later I stop off at the supermarket for some stuff and fuel for the...
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    TSS-Do My Little Eyes Deceive Me?

    I added TSS on Friday with readings of 0 Nitrate, 0 nitrite and 0.25 ammonia to give the TSS something to feed off. Out of interest I did a water test today just to see how we were going and I was shocked to see nitrates in there already. It never worked so fast before and I hope to be done...
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