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  1. sofiav

    How to cycle tank with old filter media?

    Yesterday my betta passed away :( he was a good little fish and I'm sad that he won't be with me anymore, he was my little buddy. Anyways I had a question about cycling his old tank. I was using aquarium salt to treat his fin rot, and I was wondering if I should do a 100% water change then...
  2. sofiav

    What to do with tetras

    I have 2 glolight tetras in a 5 gallon tank, they're really small so I think they'll be okay for now until I can get a bigger tank. I'm just wondering if I should get more to make a school so they don't get stressed out, or is that too many tetras for a 5 gallon? Are they going to be okay until...
  3. sofiav

    Gravel to sand question

    I'm rescaping my aquarium, which currently has gravel and I'm planning to switch it to sand. Will it be okay if I just replace the gravel or do I need to worry about beneficial bacteria?
  4. sofiav

    How much salt should I dose?

    I ordered aquarium salt for my betta who has bad fin rot. It’ll arrive on monday. I’m using the article below to guide me, but I was wondering whether I should start with a level 2 or 3 treatment. Is his fin rot bad enough for level 3?
  5. sofiav

    Came back to a fish nightmare

    I went on vacation for 6 days. Originally I was planning to leave the fish alone, no food. Yesterday my mom told me that the cleaner had stopped by our house, so I gave the cleaner instructions on how to feed the fish. Came back home and my betta's tank was full of pellets. Like so so many...
  6. sofiav

    Betta filter and light reccomendations?

    I'm planning to set up 2 5gallon planted betta tanks with shrimp. I'm trying to find the best filter and lights for these tanks that are not too strong for the betta and don't suck in small shrimp. Does anyone have recommendations?
  7. sofiav

    Should I euthanize my betta? :(

    My betta has really bad fin rot and he stays in the same spot all day. It's been 3 months and it's not getting better and I've given him bettafix which I'm not sure if it did anything. He swims erratically, just shooting up to the surface then shooting back down or hangs out near the back at the...
  8. sofiav

    How to feed bettas and tetras while away?

    I have 2 fishtanks, one with a betta, and the other with 3 tetras and a danio (ik they should be in bigger schools I just haven't had the time to buy a big enough tank). How do I feed them while I'm away for 7 days? There's no one that can feed them while I'm gone. I do have betta buffet blocks...
  9. sofiav

    15 gallon Fluval flex stocking ideas?

    I'm thinking of getting a 15gal fluval flex. (it would actually be more like 12 gallons because some of it is filter space) Does anyone have ideas for stocking? I'm thinking of getting bigger/medium sized fish, not really thinking about small tetras.
  10. sofiav

    What happened to my betta?

    My betta is 2 1/2 yrs old and in a 5 gallon by himself. Over the past 3 days I've noticed little white fluff on the tips of some of his fins, and they have been worsening. I'm not really sure what it is? He already has fin rot and I don't know what to do. I've added Indian almond leaves to his...
  11. sofiav

    What's the ideal ph and kh for a betta tank?

    I'm trying to figure out if the ph and kh levels in my 5 gallon tank are too low. According to my test strips, they are. around 6.4 for pH around 0-30 for kH If they are too low, how do I raise the levels? I bought Indian almond leaves that are arriving tomorrow, because I think my betta has...
  12. sofiav

    How do I help fin rip?

    Hi, Is there anything I should do to help my betta with his ripped fins? I'm going to take out the decorations that are a bit rough.
  13. sofiav

    Any tips for aquascaping my 5gallon?

    I set up this tank when I was younger and I switch out the decorations every so often. I think some of the decor has started flaking off and I want to make it more of a natural tank. I knowwww that pink gravel and pet store decor isn’t the best but I didnt know any better when I got the tank...
  14. sofiav

    Is this fin rip?

    I’m wondering if my betta’s fins are ripped. If they are I’ll probably need to change out a couple of the decorations, as they might be a bit rough. (I’m thinking of buying driftwood and changing my gravel to sand once school is done and I have more time)
  15. sofiav

    Pottery in fishtank?

    Is it safe to make my own aquarium decorations out of clay, fire and glaze them, and put them in my tank?
  16. sofiav

    Is this normal for a betta?

    Hi, I joined this fish forum about a week ago, and some people told me that I was underfeeding my betta (2-3 pellets a day), and that he was bored and might be hiding from the other fish. I felt really bad, and started feeding him 3 pellets twice a day for the past week. Before I started feeding...
  17. sofiav

    Is it okay to use hot glue on a fishtank decoration?

    One of the fake plants on my decoration broke, is it ok to use hot glue to stick it back on? Is it safe for a fishtank?
  18. sofiav

    Suggestions to entertain betta?

    Hi, my betta has been pretty bored lately and lying at the bottom of his tank. How can I entertain him? Are there any toys for bettas anyone recommends?
  19. sofiav

    What types of fish can I have in a 5gal?

    I have 3 5gallon Fluval Chi tanks, two of which are in use. One has a betta and a neon tetra, and the other has one guppy and 2 glolight tetras. (I'm planning to rehome the tetras to a 15g Fluval Flex don't worry). I'm wondering if I can add more fish to either of these tanks? Or what types of...
  20. sofiav

    Is my betta okay?

    Lately my 2 yr old betta fish has been hanging around at the bottom of his 5gal tank, and only swims up for food. I'm wondering if this is normal and he's just lazy or if I should be concerned. Theres one neon tetra in the tank with him
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