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    Surprise Fish

    I have been a bit busy lately and my tank was a bit overgrown with plants. Today I did about a 30% water change and thinned a bunch of plants. I had a pair of Emperor Tetras but lost the female about two months ago. Today I discovered a baby Emperor that somehow escaped the canister filter and...
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    Warning, invasive Zebra mussels!

    Just came across this warning from Colorado Parks and Wildlife on my Facebook page. There were zebra mussels found in Marimo Balls. ❗️AQUARIUM OWNERS❗️Invasive zebra mussels have been found in "Betta Buddy Marimo Balls", a product sold at aquarium and pet supply stores in Colorado. Consumers...
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    Free Anyone near Colorado Springs, free Albino Bristlenose Plecos

    I have an abundance of baby albino BN plecos and the adults are like rabbits. Anyone who is nearby and wants some, free to good homes. They are about 1.5 inches right now.
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    Thank you!

    I just wanted to say thank you for this great forum. It’s helped me a lot, not just with great information, but to help keep me occupied these last few weeks. I got sick and was tested on November 30th for COVID, which came back positive. It’s taken me four weeks to recover, and I really needed...
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    Amano changed color to brown?

    I don’t have a lot of experience with freshwater shrimp. About 6 months or so ago, I adopted some pineapple swords that ended up introducing ich into my 55 gallon tank, things went wonky and I ended up losing my clown loaches. I’ve always had some hair algae in my tank and I don’t mind it if...
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