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    Stopping by to say hello :o)

    Thank you all for the kind words and the birthday wishes ) Here are all of my red males from my recent spawn that I'll be keeping....
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    Stopping by to say hello :o)

    Here are some of my solid red babies growing out...
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    Stopping by to say hello :o)

    Thank you...These are halfmoons.....Bi-colors, butterflies and marbles...
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    Stopping by to say hello :o)

    I thought I'd stop by and say hello to all of my Bettaholics....It's been a long time and I have come a long way since my old days at Fishlore....I made Grand Champion of the IBC in 2012 and have 15 Best of Show fish under my belt now.... I have missed all the people here on Fishlore...I owe a...
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    Radio broadcast
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    My first spawning! Kadin x Clover

    Beautiful babies! You are doing a super job raising them.....
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    local breeders?

    I usually have Betta's for sale on Aquabid.....My username is Martinismommy.
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    What is your favorite type of betta?

    MultI color halfmoons are my favorite.....
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    Latest news from the fish room :o)

    Gem, no his parents did NOT come from Petco lol......They were actually imported from Thailand.... I always have pets available....You are welcome to PM me......
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    Tippy Male?

    What a nice ending for this handsome little man....He looks like he is a halfmoon doubletail plakat....Is that what they had him listed as?
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    Latest news from the fish room :o)

    Thank you Carol, Tiger and Lucy..... All the old timers on Fishlore know this all started with my beloved "Will" A crowntail who's legecy will carry on for years......Now his mansion is occupied with several females.....
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    My beautiful new Betta Neptune ate away his halfmoon.

    Clean water is the key to re-growth.....I would do 50% twice a week at the very least.....He'll grow back in time......
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    Latest news from the fish room :o)

    HI guys and gals......It's been a while since I've stopped by.....I have been beyond busy with my breeding program and show circut.....I have a 2 month break from showing so I'm hoping to be able to catch up here with some of the Betta posts...... I am proud to announce that I am now the Vice...
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    Betta has some sort of disease!

    I would get her out of the tank and put her in a 1 gallon tank (no gravel) so you can do daily water changes.....Also, she needs to be treated with Jungle fungus eliminator......
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    Velvet or not - should I medicate?

    I use Aquaria-sol by Mardel in all my water changes....1 drop per gallon.....You will most likely never see velvet if you use this...... It sounds like velvet to me....You can try using a magnifying glass along with your flashlight to be sure...
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    Introducing Zippleback :)

    Shell, in this photo he looks Dragon......Such a cute boy with a great name!
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    Betta ID please???

    Still saying no to dragon but what these photo's look like is a pineapple MG which is why you are seeing the black scaling.....
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    I have officially found the perfect HMPK

    HMPK is short for Halfmoon Plakat......
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    I have officially found the perfect HMPK

    I love the 2nd one! If I bred PK I would have bought him......
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    Betta ID please???

    Shel, he doesn't look like a dragon to me he looks like a Mustard Gas Veiltail.....
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