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  1. Black skirts, 1 firemouth, 2 fiddlers,

    Black skirts, 1 firemouth, 2 fiddlers,

    Decided to fill my tank up and leave land at the very top for my fiddler crabs. The fish and crabs seem more happy and active with this set up. Also have a bio wheel and internal filter for different filtration methods. 2 fake plants and real 3 anubias style plants. Brown cyano algae under control
  2. CrustaceanDude

    Crabs losing limbs at start or molting?

    I have some red claw crabs (I had them in the past and never saw them drop off a limb right when they start molting) and they're losing 1 limb, one dropped a claw the other dropped a leg. This is a normal period when red claws molt, they hangout in the water more than on land (when I see them...
  3. CrustaceanDude

    New with crayfish

    It died a year later and that was in 2017. Sadly I do not have any pictures, because I got it from a friemd and it was already old and he didn't want it anymore and it was my first tank. I'm purely a crustacean enthusiast, but my friend who gave it to me did say it lived longer in my care than...
  4. The set up

    The set up

    The tank. 36 gallons. Half filled with brackish water
  5. Red claw crab, rose fin minnows & black skirt tetra

    Red claw crab, rose fin minnows & black skirt tetra

    I love crabs. This is a setup halfway between fresh water and brackish, so the fish and snails can tolerate it better. Everything is potential food for the crabs
  6. Another red claw crab (brackish)

    Another red claw crab (brackish)

    One of 5 red claws in my crab focused tank
  7. CrustaceanDude

    New with crayfish

    Stain is normal. If you want to breed them, you'll need a sponge to cover your filter intake so the eggs don't get sucked into it, or sucked onto it. They need their own "cave" or den. That's where they'll spend most of their time, poop and leave remains of their prey. Water should be on the...
  8. CrustaceanDude

    Plant experts needed - Anubias plants

    I have anubias plants in my tank (4 red claw crabs, 5 black skirt tetras, 5 ghost shrimp--I think it's 2 now others have been eaten--) and 5 rose fin minnows. The tank is cycled and definitely over filtered. MAIN POINT : I have some leaves and with stems attached still floating around for 2...
  9. Crab tank concepts

    Crab tank concepts

    I like crabs
  10. 36 gallon, sloped beach set up for crabs

    36 gallon, sloped beach set up for crabs

    Concept Thai red claw tank set up. Undergravel/false bottom to avoid negative nitrate building in deep sloped substrate. Going to further this design for cost effective-Ness and ease of creation. Canister balls with bubbler behind the wall to use negative space for positive bacteria growth.
  11. CrustaceanDude

    Making a sloped beach

    Aight thanks! I think I gona use gravel for the slope and put a filter bed filter unterneat it with an air stone and the balls that beneficial bacteria grow on,(like a Gatorade bottle laying on its side with an air stone & those bacteria ball things inside and holes poked in it) place it deep...
  12. CrustaceanDude

    Making a sloped beach

    Where do I find a wave maker? And will it work in a 36 gallon tank? I'd like to have a natural (mostly) sand and some gravel) beach for my Thai red claws. They will burrow into the sand to molt.
  13. CrustaceanDude

    Brackish crabs land and water

    I like that idea, so it circulates under the substrate then back into the main pool of water?
  14. CrustaceanDude

    Brackish crabs land and water

    But I mean, I'm gona have some sand/gravel that creates land... And this means I should have the fountain pump buried under the soil and in the water, pushing water towards the main pool?
  15. CrustaceanDude

    I like crabs

    Oh yes, definitely, they're brackish water though. They tend to live in the areas where the river meets the sea, so it's slightly salty. Thai red claw crabs are the most fun
  16. CrustaceanDude

    I like crabs

    Okay sweet!!! My worst fear is mold growing In the substrate, should I run an undergravel filter? And Have an intake under the land? Or just do hills of rocks and sand in between? But sloping down into the water? I've had scorpions, cockroaches and milipedes, and if moisture and water are a...
  17. CrustaceanDude

    I like crabs

    I had a Thai red claw crab who murdered 9 other red claws and kept my 20 gallon to himself for 4 years (1-2 years passed standard life expectancy) I had it filled with water but had an under water "cave" of dry land he learned to know as his dry land. I had all live plants, and 2 biowheels going...
  18. CrustaceanDude

    I like crabs

    I Wana ask pros about crabs and fish set ups.
  19. CrustaceanDude

    Brackish crabs land and water

    So a few years back I had a 20 gallon tank and about 10 Thai red claws, one murdered all of them He was the last one left, I had 2 bio wheel filters and 2 moss balls, several anubis styled live plants because they are waxy and my crabs didn't eat them. My Thai red claws lived for 4 years in...
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