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  1. LowConductivity

    PH hasn’t gone down what to do

    So is there actually a problem with the health of the fish, or are we just following the internet ninja masters who may or may not keep bettas in thinking the pH is a problem?
  2. LowConductivity

    RCS issues lead to discovery of another possible problem

    Ammonia isnt the problem. ".25ppm" at 76*, pH 7.5 is really more like .004ppm. Even with the tap at 1ppm, the effective ammonia is still only .016
  3. LowConductivity

    Identify what type of breed this angelfish is

    Domestic scalare. Marble?
  4. LowConductivity

    How long does it take for Beneficial bacteria to die off?

    BB can go nearly a year without eating, its the oxygen that can get ya. If you've got a canister, I'd be proactive and remove the top while the power is out.
  5. LowConductivity

    Feeding live BBS every morning?

    I see no problem with it. It’s highly nutritious. I’ve got fish that go their entire lives eating only freshly hatched BBS
  6. LowConductivity

    Who laid these eggs?

    Is that pool filter sand? Those eggs look huge!
  7. LowConductivity

    Blackwater Biotope with Angel Fish

    +1 for actually selecting a blackwater angelfish for a blackwater tank. just start with the bigger tank, 75 would be pretty nice. be selective with your manacupuru angelfish selection….many angelfish come from Manacupuru, most of them aren’t red shouldered.
  8. LowConductivity

    Need help fish dying

    Seachem - Malawi/Victoria Buffer
  9. LowConductivity

    Need help fish dying

    Your water is hard enough for them?
  10. LowConductivity

    Ryukin in distress please help!

    Change that water!….and change that water! Nitrite at 12.5ppm is crazy toxic
  11. LowConductivity

    I found a sword tail fry with my guppies.

    This ^^^
  12. LowConductivity

    Can detritus worms eat my newborn mystery snails?

    detritus worm, no. Never gonna eat a snail IMO.... with that said, if you are calling a planaria a "detritus worm", there'd be some cause for concern.
  13. LowConductivity

    Power will go out, idk what to do with my fishes

    I said a sealed canister filter can't go without power for 8 hours or the BB will die, nothing else.
  14. LowConductivity

    Power will go out, idk what to do with my fishes

    Battery powered air pump for the cost effective win. Generator for the mega win. With that said, oxygen is paramount. Bacteria can go a long time without eating, but they need the o2. When it shuts off, you'll need to pop the lid off the canister filter, cans are cool but they go hypoxic (sp?)...
  15. LowConductivity

    How to get into the fish industry with 25k?

    I'd burn half of it, invest the other half in an index fund when the market corrects, and be stoked I didn't lose all of it on fish. If you kind of already know what you love, and have the skill set to monetize it, Id allocate 5K in capital, and still go index fund with the rest later. IMO...
  16. LowConductivity

    Barometric pressure drop giving my Barbs a headache???

    I 100% buy into this. As a fisherman, a low pressure system will destroy good fishing for salmonids quickly. Steady barometer is fine, rising is fine, falling and I'll just stay home. I've always speculated that it had something to do with swimbladder.
  17. LowConductivity

    29 Gallon Tank Different apistos

    I'd agree. Generally speaking, Apistogramma species on non-similar complexes can be housed together. Panduro and baenschi would be a no-no
  18. LowConductivity

    55g Stocking Thread

    One Apistogramma is fine. A pair of breeding Apistogramma are still not fish to share the bottom 1/3 of the tank with anything that's not a sacrifice regardless of how densely planted it is.. This isn't hyperbole, this is 300 pairs, of 50+ species of Apistogramma speaking.
  19. LowConductivity

    Seachem in tank PH Alert

    Match the color in the little circle in the middle, to the corresponding color/pH on the perimeter?
  20. LowConductivity

    Low KH/pH cause of stalled cycle?

    ^^^ Yeah, a lot of what was said above. With just 1dKH (17.9ppm), your bacteria will be able to process just a hair more than 2ppm of ammonia ( 1ppm ammonia takes 7ppm of KH to process), with less than 1dKH....they aren't going to be able to do much.
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