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  1. Fluidmotion1987

    Whats going on with my male mystrey snail?

    I have a purple male mystrey snail hes about 6 months old (I hatched and raised him) he hasn't been moving and has been like this the goo showed up this morning? Hes usually very active and I did lightly poke his foot just to see if he'd react and he did so I dont think hes passed but should I...
  2. Fluidmotion1987

    Albino red tail shark has a odd white spot by her tail fin

    Hello all fellow fish parents. I have an albino red tail shark and today noticed an odd white spot down by her tail fin? I will attach some photos below. Any and all help is greatly appreciated
  3. Fluidmotion1987

    Is my tank cycled?

    I have a 20 gallon high the PH is testing 7.8 the ammonia 0 ppm the nitrites is 0 ppm and nitrates is 10ppm. I have 3 black skirt tetras, 1 red eye tetra and 2 xray tetras I have a sponge filter and also a hygger 10 to 30 gall0n it has 3 compartments I have a sponge, bio balls, and activated...
  4. Fluidmotion1987

    I got 3 new cherry shrimp

    I got my my shrimp tank how I want it and so far I have 3 cherry shrimp which I dont know how to grade them but I love them they are beautiful, I have 1 blue dream shrimp, and 12 ghost shrimp and this is my favorite tank so far. I wish I could have gotten my hands on more than 3 cherry shrimp...
  5. Fluidmotion1987

    My guy has gotten so big!

    I have 2 male dwarf crayfish, they are named Batman and Robin. In the pictures is Batman (Robin has recently molten so he is in hiding) Batman melted a few days before him. They have grown so much since I've had them. I have just loved these little guys. Robin did finally come out for a second...
  6. Fluidmotion1987

    My filter isnt pushing much water out

    Hello and happy fourth of july all! I have a hygger 10-30 gallon pump and I've tried to picture it below but it's hard to see it barely putting any water out? Now I'm cycling my tank and finally after 3 months just started testing positive for nitrites and nitrates so I dont want to mess with...
  7. Fluidmotion1987

    Finally getting to the next step!

    Finally got nitrites now to the next step
  8. Fluidmotion1987

    Is 0.25 nitrite safe?

    I have been trying to cycle my tank for 3 months now and FINALLY after testing tonight and with the advice from all the awesome helpful people on here I tested 0.25ppm nitrite, should I do a water change or leave it? I dont want to mess this up with it taking so long to get to this point.
  9. Fluidmotion1987

    Looks like my ghost shrimp ate white hair?

    I put a picture below, what could this be? I just him a couple of days ago could it just be something he ate at the store I purchased him from?
  10. Fluidmotion1987

    My mystrey snail babies

    My baby mystrey look awesome!!
  11. Fluidmotion1987

    How can I tell if a ghost shrimp is fanning babies or eggs?

    How can I tell if a ghost shrimp is fanning babies or eggs? What's the next step I should take? I have 2 holding and fanning
  12. Fluidmotion1987

    Is this substrate the best choice?

    Hello all! Yesterday I switched my substrate out from natural gravel to imagitarium white sand, now 8n my tank I have 3 black skirt tetras, 1 red eyed tetra (he was adopted from someone who no longer wanted him) and 2 xray tetras, inverts I have 1 nerite snail, 4 ghost shrimp, 1 blue velvet...
  13. Fluidmotion1987

    Need some advice on setting up tank please

    Hello all! I'm getting a 45 gallon with a stand at steal of a price so I was was wanting to set up a natural aqua scape with some live plants and were also going to try building a 3D background and add in an "underwater waterfall" as well so does anyone have any good tips that can make this...
  14. Fluidmotion1987

    Mystery snail color?

    I have a clutch of mystrey snails that just hatched a few days ago fully these guys and 2 other hatched early but I'm having trouble figuring out what color they'll be. Mom is black and dad is yellow or gold
  15. Fluidmotion1987

    Can you tell if my ghost shrimp are male or female?

    Hello all and thank you for taking the time to help me out. I'm having trouble trying to distinguish the sex of my ghost shrimp. I have 6 but could only catch 3 out and get pictures of them it may not be easy to tell from pictures below but if you can tell any help is greatly appreciated! I just...
  16. Fluidmotion1987

    Betta with swim bladder.. what can i do?

    I bought a new twin tail halfmoon betta for a new aquarium I had put together and didn't notice until we had gotten home from a fish store that he was floating on his side at the top of the water so I had never seen this and did my research to find out that it is swim bladder disease. So far I...
  17. Fluidmotion1987

    Is this a decent pump?

    I needed a new filter an am new to this and I purchased this one. I wanted real advice and not amazon reviews on it. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. Thank you
  18. Fluidmotion1987

    Does my mystrey snail look healthy?

    Hello I'm a first time mystrey snail momma and was wondering if he looks healthy? He recently has went through a growth spurt, he has grew a lot in the last 3 weeks. I dont know how to test water hardness but I do have another tank that has 2 dwarf crayfish in it and they recently went through...
  19. Fluidmotion1987

    Ammonia is the only thing showing in my tank levels?

    I tested my tank with the API freshwater master test kit and my levels are: PH-7.6, Ammonia is 2.0, Nitrite is 0, and Nitrate is 0. How do I get my tank to properly cycle? I only stocked it with what was suggested at my aquarium store and do ALOT of water changes because my ammonia is always...
  20. Fluidmotion1987

    Is Zeolite safe?

    In one tank I'll be using it I have 3 black skirt tetras and 1 mystery snail and my other tank I'll need it in has 2 dwarf crayfish and 2 fancy guppies both aquariums have had small ammonia spikes and a little cloudy? I also have ceramic rings which would be safer and better to use?
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