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  1. Nianichole

    Boise, Idaho Area Free Salvinia

    Hi, if you live in the Boise, ID area and would like some Salvinia, send me a message. My tank is being overrun, haha. Free, local pick up only. Thanks!
  2. Nianichole

    Is there something wrong with this tetra?

    Hi everyone, I'm feeling a bit paranoid, but this fish just looks odd to me (large pink guy). It's supposed to be a candy cane (ornate) tetra. Wondering what you guys think? This fish previously had Ich. During the Ich it didn't eat and stayed in the bottom corner of the tank. Did treatment...
  3. Nianichole

    What do you feed your African Dwarf Frog?

    Just wondering what's worked best for you guys with feeding african dwarf frogs. My son has one in our tank with our fish. So far it seems to be going really well. He swims around a lot and hangs out in the plants. I even heard him "sing," which was pretty awesome. I do know, however, that...
  4. Nianichole

    How often to dust Easy Green?

    Hi everyone, I have a new tank with plants I'm trying to grow in. My question is, I feel like I need to dose Easy Green more than once a week because my nitrates are often at zero. I'm just looking for pointers on balancing my tank. Am I correct on dosing fertilizer when my nitrates are at...
  5. Nianichole

    Is this spawning behavior?

    Are my peacock gudgeons contemplating laying eggs? They have taken up residence not in the three caves available, or under the driftwood, but in a leaf... You can barely see the female behind the male. Is this mating behavior? I literally added them to the tank yesterday so I'm just super...
  6. Nianichole

    Best way to feed baby bristle nose pleco

    I'm looking for tips on the best way to feed an itty bitty bristle nose pleco and be confident it's getting what it needs. I currently have a couple repashy blends, frozen blood worms, hikari algae wafers, hikari sinking pellet/wafers, bug bites flake food. I'm open to possibly adding another...
  7. Nianichole

    Am I on track to kill this plant?

    Hey all, so I did something rather unorthodox/lazy. I got a lovely tissue culture of pearl weed. I am a newb, but I do know how you're supposed to plant a tissue culture. However, my substrate is fluval stratum, which looks great but isn't exactly ideal for holding delicate plants in place...
  8. Nianichole

    Should I be concerned about Cory with missing eye?

    Hi, I just got an order today from Aqua Huna. Two blue-eyed lemon bristle nose plecos (they're itty bitty and so cute!) and six strebai corydoras. Everyone arrived alive, alert, and active and they are all in quarantine right now. My question is, I noticed one of the corys is missing an eye. It...
  9. Nianichole

    Buce Plants Haul - Any tips?

    Hi! I made an order for plants yesterday, they haven't arrived yet, which gives me time to collect a few pointers. I fully expect I will kill a few things I went for plants I thought looked interesting and that they said did not absolutely require C02 and we're relatively easy to grow...
  10. Nianichole

    Put in a new heater...all the fish are clustered around it

    Some interesting fish behavior.... I just put in a new adjustable heater, which has allowed me to raise the temperature. It is currently heating up the water and literally 90% of the fish are hanging around it. I feel bad. Have they been freezing in there? It was 70-73 F before... I set the...
  11. Nianichole

    Is buying used worth it?

    I'm looking into adding another tank to my collection. Not any time soon, just browsing I guess you'd say. Something in the 40 breeder to 55 gallon range. In your experience, is it worth it to hold out for something used on the cheap? Or does that just turn into more work/expense? Do you wait...
  12. Nianichole

    Opinions on ordering from Aquatic Arts?

    I've been perusing different options for ordering fish and plants in the future. Aquatic arts seems to have a large and diverse selection of plants and fish, but their shipping is crazy expensive. I'm just wondering if it's worth it and what other people's experiences have been ordering from...
  13. Nianichole

    Are peacock gudgeons supposed to be fat?

    Hi all, I have a male/female pair of peacock gudgeons in quarantine. I've had them for 5 days. I've noticed they are rather rotund. I'm not sure if this is normal, or if there's a bloat issue I should be concerned about. I've never kept gudgeons and I want to avoid any losses. I've been...
  14. Nianichole

    Anyone have experience with this light?

    The saga of trying to get a light for my planted tank continues... First light wasn't strong enough so I returned it. I have a tight budget. I really want to spend $50 or less. I ordered the Nicrew Classic plus from Amazon, out of the box it was faulty, only the blue LEDs world turn on. No...
  15. Nianichole

    EBR in Community tank

    Hi, I'm looking for thoughts/experiences keeping an electric blue ram in a community tank. It this possible? Would it eat ember tetras? Thanks!
  16. Nianichole

    Do you leave the biofilm on your glass?

    Hi, I have biofilm on my aquarium glass, which I know is normal and good. I've been leaving it alone, but wondered what you all do about it. Do you clean it off? Leave it alone? If you have established bacteria elsewhere does it matter? Thanks!
  17. Nianichole

    Lost my RL Pleco, advice for trying again

    Hello, I lost my rubber lip pleco today I had him about 4 and a half weeks. He was one of the first fish I introduced. I did lots of things wrong. I added fish before my cycle was complete because I was impatient (very stupid). That stressed him and he developed Ich, which spread of course...
  18. Nianichole

    Why does Ich only seem to be impacting certain fish?

    So, I am battling Ich. Currently treating with Ich-X. I have had one casualty My large candy cane tetra. I am wondering why certain fish in my tank seem to be struggling more than others. The Ich began on my RL pleco and spread. It was on my ember tetras and lemon tetras about a day, but once...
  19. Nianichole

    Is this more than Ich?

    Hi, I'm currently treating for Ich with medication. It began on one Pleco and has spread through the tank. I'm concerned for my candy cane tetras, especially the one I attached a picture of. The fin damage is new and I'm concerned there's possibly a secondary infection or something going on...
  20. Nianichole

    Budget Friendly Planted Tank Light

    Hi, I am new to planted tanks. I bought a light on Amazon, but it's not cutting it and I'm going to return it. I'm looking for an effective planted aquarium light that's budget friendly. I have a 29 gallon tank with a glass lid. The plants I have are supposed to be beginner friendly so there...
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