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  1. kreuztraeger

    Quarantined Goldfish at temperature above 86*F

    I have a 32 cent goldfish (barely 1") quarantined in a 5 gallon hospital tank for ich. I have several questions: 1. At what temperature does the ich parasite die regardless of its current life stage? 2. How long would I need to keep the tank at that temperature to ensure that any and all...
  2. kreuztraeger

    20 Gallon Tank Bottom Feeders?

    I have a 20 gallon tropical fish tank with 5 zebra danios and 1 male betta. I would like to add some (life forms) that eat food off the bottom. They have to eat tropical fish food. I keep the tank at a steady 25*C/78*F, I have a filter rated at 120gph and the aquarium is planted.
  3. kreuztraeger

    Zebras keep eating the betta's food!

    I have a 20 gallon with one male betta and five zebra danios. Whenever I try to feed the betta, the pellets it misses usually get eaten by the zebra danios. Sometimes the betta will nibble at the tropical flakes I give the zebras, but I'm not sure if he really eats it. My question is, is it...
  4. kreuztraeger

    Suggestions for growing goldfish

    Hi guys. After a series of upgrades and whatnot, I finally have my ideal tank for my goldfish. It's 29 gallons. I've found that the goldfish really do become placid and friendly toward one another when they have enough room to spread out their fins. There's no bullying between the two. That was...
  5. kreuztraeger

    Want to buy a used tank to upgrade

    Here's my situation. I have 5 zebra danios in a 5 gallon tank, one tiny 1 1/4"calico fantail goldfish in a 10 gallon and a 3" gold fantail in a 20 gallon. I admit the zebras are not getting along well as far as aggression issues go. Since the aponogeton bulb I planted sprouted and virtually...
  6. kreuztraeger

    Keeping a Betta Outside

    I would like to keep my betta fish in his aquarium outside on my balcony. I have a heater in the tank just in case it gets nippy, and on really hot days I can bring him indoors, or apply a cold pack to the side of the aquarium. I rarely get direct sunlight because of the way the building is...
  7. kreuztraeger

    New Goldfish Rule Proposal

    Since obviously a fully grown goldfish is too large to keep in a standard 29 gallon tank ... How about "twenty gallons or as many gallons as inches of fish squared" for commons? In other words, 144 gallons for a foot long, 36 gallons for a half foot long, and 20 gallons for under five inches?
  8. kreuztraeger

    20 Gallon Tank New Filter for Goldfish Tank

    After a bout with nematodes, I decided to upgrade my filtration system on my 20 gallon long fancy goldfish tank (1 resident). I got the 20-40 filter from Aqua Tech which turns over 160 gallons per hour - 8 times the amount of water in the tank. I want to prevent as much debris as possible...
  9. kreuztraeger

    Brown algae on Amazon Sword

    What is the best way to get rid of brown algae on an Amazon Sword plant in a goldfish tank? Plecos - out of the question! They tend to die for unknown reasons, they sometimes try to eat the slime coat of other fish and if they do survive, their expected fully grown size is over a foot long...
  10. kreuztraeger


    This has happened in my fish tanks before, and nothing foul happened as a result. I have these threadlike white worms that float around in the water, occasionally contracting and bending around. Are they bad for the fish and is there anything I can do to get rid of them without much hassle...
  11. kreuztraeger

    Question Is this bad?

    From the side my goldfish looks like it has a dent in its head. Is this normal or bad? And what can I do about it if it is bad? He is eating normally and his fins aren't clamped to his sides like a goldfish that has parasite problems. I really have no idea but I'm pretty sure goldfish aren't...
  12. kreuztraeger

    Safe Temperature Range For Danios

    I am keeping my 5 *very small* zebra danios in a 2.5 gallon tank with adequate filtration (~40 gallons per hour) with gravel and filter taken from a nearly cycled tank. My question does not have to do with stocking but with heating. I bought a heater which says it is for 3-5 gallon aquariums...
  13. kreuztraeger

    Is this dropsy?

    Just to be sure ... I want to 100% sure what's happening isn't due to dropsy. Here are some photos:
  14. kreuztraeger

    20 Gallon Tank Water Change Frequency in a Planted Tank

    I have one 3.5" goldfish in my 20 gallon tank with an Amazon Sword plant, and I'm wondering if I could change the water any less often than I would if I did not have the Amazon Sword. I should change about 25% every week according to traditional advice, right? Could I change that to 10%, or...
  15. kreuztraeger

    My 20 gallon long tank

    My 20 gallon long planted tank. The goldfish's name is Pom, Jr. after his slight resemblance to Pom Pom who died two years ago. Right now he's about 3" long, but I expect him to grow more. I had him about 10 months in a 5 gallon aquarium and decided to upgrade after he developed swim bladder...
  16. kreuztraeger

    2.5 Gallon Tank for Tiny Goldfish

    I recently bought a very small, 3/4" calico fantail goldfish from Walmart. I kept it in a bowl for several days pending a larger tank. I currently have him in a 2.5 gallon planted tank (with filtration) which is really meant for bettas, but I'm planning to keep him in it until he is ready to...
  17. kreuztraeger

    Fancy Goldfish in a 20 gallon long tank: Will it grow?

    I have a goldfish named Pom, Jr. (after a previous fantail/oranda mix named Pom Pom). He's about 3" long right now, maybe 1/2" wide. I got him from Walmart about 9 months ago. He has 2 tail fins but in reality his body is shaped more like a common goldfish than a fancy goldfish. At first I...

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