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  1. The29G

    Bristlenose pleco doing laps around my tank?

    Haha, I like that idea. It would be cool if you could have a population of bristlenoses bred for personality.
  2. The29G

    Bristlenose pleco doing laps around my tank?

    This is really cool, do you think he’ll stay that way as he gets older?
  3. The29G


    Welcome! We’d love to see pictures, but I know from experience how hard it is to get good neon tetra pictures. I’m also a music lover.
  4. The29G

    Best brine shrimp?

    I use omega one frozen mysis shrimp. I was once told that mysis shrimp is cleaner for the water. I don’t know if that’s true, but I can confirm that bettas like it.
  5. The29G

    40 Gallon Tank The Lonely Warrior Tank (community tank)

    Welcome to fishlore, the tank is beautiful! Disco is very cute. The stocking is pretty unorthodox but that’s just how it goes sometimes. My fish tank just had whatever in it for a long time before I committed to certain fish. At one point I had a betta, an endlers livebearer, an ember tetra, and...
  6. The29G

    Anacharis mistake

    My aquarium is also warm, but my anacharis does fine.
  7. The29G

    29 Gallon Tank A way to pump water from a bucket to tank for water changes

    The python doesn’t have its own pump, it only works with a sink. I’ve never had any problems with straight tap water going in. I think the dechlorinator works fast enough so they aren’t exposed for every long.
  8. The29G

    29 Gallon Tank A way to pump water from a bucket to tank for water changes

    I have a python, it’s very nice but you need to have a sink you can use it with. You just hook it up to the sink and drain it in the sink and then you switch it to fill mode and you can fill it with the sink.
  9. The29G

    I never change my filter media

    I’ve never changed my filter media. I think you can keep it in there until it rots.
  10. The29G

    Freshwater fish for 10g

    I’d still be worried about the betta and dwarf gourami. I guess you can try it and if it works then it works but I would do either the betta or dwarf gourami. But any of the other small fish that you mentioned (like celestial pearl danios) should be fine with the betta or gourami.
  11. The29G

    These Concrete blocks any good?

    That picture helps. Imagine in that picture there is one big tank that occupies the whole top of the stand. Then there would be three blocks supporting the tank. The surface area of those blocks that is touching the tank is the surface area carrying the load (I know they aren’t really touching...
  12. The29G

    These Concrete blocks any good?

    That number is if the block(s) are making up the whole surface area carrying the load. I don’t have a good picture in my head of how your stand is going to be built. This would be best figured out if we could sit at a table and draw some pictures.
  13. The29G

    20 Gallon Tank Weird/Interesting freshwater inverts

    That’s a cool invertebrate tank. I know this isn’t about the invertebrates, but I couldn’t help but notice the blue gravel! You don’t see that a-lot and when you do it doesn’t look good. But I happen to like it in your tank. Nicely done!
  14. The29G

    Snails in unfiltered bowl recommendations

    I wouldn’t be surprised if snails showed up in there on their own. I think they would probably survive.
  15. The29G

    These Concrete blocks any good?

    I might be kind of late and out of the loop here. But I believe that number is the mass in kilograms that those blocks can support. Which would mean they are plenty strong enough.
  16. The29G

    Biggest Amano shrimp getting an orange tint.

    It actually sounds cool to me. When I first got my Amanos from flip aquatics they were tinted blue because of something they fed them, but it went away. Do you have any pictures?
  17. The29G

    Mimo's bristlenose log

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to explain that with the genetics I learned in high school biology.
  18. The29G

    Are Freshwater aquariums just as Biodiverse as Saltwater counterpart?

    Yeah I’ve always been kind of a saltwater dreamer because corals are so cool! And all of the saltwater invertebrates are great. I didn’t know about all the little worms and pods. I’ve thought about how little bugs like that that could reproduce in my fish tank and feed my fish would be awesome...
  19. The29G

    Good to see you!

    Welcome! I’d love to be left with that!
  20. The29G

    Seachem excel can kill sensitive plants?

    I would keep it around if you ever want to spot treat algae. I use it to make a dip with hydrogen peroxide to put algae ridden plants and decorations in.
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