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  1. Dobert

    What is my CPD suffering from?

    Hi all, So I got myself CPD-s and one of them is separate from the group, doesn't eat and looks definitely sick. Do you have ideas what can be wrong with this little fellow? I keep him in the aquarium so far but I doubt he'll be alive tomorrow. Any advices appreciated.
  2. Dobert

    Sick celestial pearl danios?

    Hi all, I went to the LFS yesterday and saw suspicious looking galaxy rasboras. Does anyone have a clue why are they so "hunchbacked"? It is not just one specimen, all of them look like this: Are they sick or hungry or something else? Will they look more like this when they grow up? Mod...
  3. Dobert

    Hello everyone!

    Hi all! My name is Dobert and I'm coming back to the hobby after 20+ years of a break. Now with the internet, YT, and forums, it is much different than back then when we had only books and magazines! The majority of my Google searches were pointing to the FishLore, so I figured it might be a...
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