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  1. fishingman001

    Red fuzzy balls in jar aquarium

    I have a jar aquarium that has been established for over 2 years with a sponge filter and heater. It has 6 blue sapphire shrimp, 1 ammano shrimp, 1 nerite snail, and some MTS. A couple days ago I saw these reddish fuzzy balls on the substrate. They seem to be moving and disappear for a day or so...
  2. fishingman001

    What is on my fish?

    I have a 30 gallon that has been cycled for months and recently added Colombian tetras. They had fungus several days ago so I dosed the water with API fungus medication. I am also dosing seachem stress guard. This morning I wake up and see a couple fish looking like the picture. Is that fungus...
  3. fishingman001

    30 gallon tank with low ph

    I set up my tank about 2 months ago using Tetra Safestart. It worked but the ph has been 6.0 since it cycled. The tank is currently home to 5 goldfish because I didn't know what I was going to stock and after they are going into a neighbors pond. I put a bag of crushed coral in to the filter and...
  4. fishingman001

    30 gallon schooling fish

    I am cycling a 30 gallon tank (36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 16 3/4) and want some stocking ideas. I was thinking of an angelfish for the centerpiece fish and need ideas of a schooling fish to add. I was also thinking of kuhlI loaches for the bottom feeders with a clown pleco. Any suggestions?
  5. fishingman001

    Lost power adapter

    I have the Beamswork 36in light () and I moved recently and lost the power adapter to the light. The company doesn't seem to sell just the power supply. Will this power adapter work with that light?
  6. fishingman001

    Betta With Popeye And Injuries

    He is in a 9 gallon flex with plants and mts. The water is checked once every other week and is always 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and under 10 nitrates. The water is changed every week and he always seems fine. I checked him a couple days ago and he was fine eating and swimming. Now he's in the...
  7. fishingman001

    Are These Spine Pieces Safe To Use?

    I want to add these spine pieces to my tank. They feel like plastic but I am not sure. I tested them out in a bucket and they sink. I was planning on acrylic coating them just to be on the safe side.
  8. fishingman001

    36 Bow Front Stocking

    I'm setting up a 36 gallon bow front and I'm going to seed it with media from a tank that's well over a year old. I was thinking 10-12 glass catfish, neons or rasboras (really just want something with color), cory cats, and a bristlenose. Possibly some shrimp later on. I know glasscats need...
  9. fishingman001

    Adding A Couple More Fish

    I have 180 gallon that has been established for almost a year and would love to add a couple more fish. Currently these are the fish in there: 10 rainbows 5 congo tetras 8 diamond tetras 15 pearl and giant danios 15 neons 6 cory cats 1 angel fish 4 chinese algae eaters Would gouramis work in...
  10. fishingman001

    250 gallon stocking

    I am stocking a tank that is around 250 gallons. I already put in 2 angels, 12 boesemanI rainbow fish, and 12 congos. I was thinking about a school of something like cardinals or von rios. Any suggestions?
  11. fishingman001

    Stocking 150-175 gallon tank

    I am stocking a tank that is around 150-175 gallons for a customer. It already has 1 angelfish and is about 4ish inches. I was thinking 5 angels, some sort of rainbow fish school, some other schooling fish, 2 bristlenose plecos, nirite snails, I was also hoping for a tiretrack eel or...
  12. fishingman001

    Tank looks empty

    I have a 55 gallon with 2 BP's, 1 rainbow shark, and 1 bristlenose. The tank looks empty so I wanted to add more activity to the tank. I was thinking rainbow fish or maybe a peacock eel? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. fishingman001

    Need plant light

    I have this 48 inch fixture: I wanted a good light for plant growth. These are my choices: Which lights would work best. I have swords, wisteria, java fern, moss balls, anubias, and cabomba. I also dose with liquid co2 and use plant fert tabs when needed.
  14. fishingman001

    Blood parrots and convicts?

    I have 2 blood parrots and a rainbow shark in a 55 gallon. Who it be OK to add 1 or 2 convicts? What fish can go with the blood parrots?
  15. fishingman001

    Cory cats keep dying

    I have a 55 gallon with 2 blood parrots (male,female), 1 bristlenose pleco, and 5 albino cory cats. About 3 weeks ago the original 5 cory cats I had in the tank died over the span of a couple weeks. After they died I went out and purchased 5 more from a different store. Tonight I saw one of the...
  16. fishingman001

    Fluval 406 on a 55 gallon

    Is a fluval 406 on a 55 gallon aquarium too much filtration or should I just go with a 306? I was planning to upgrade to a 75 gallon down the road but that won't be for a couple years.
  17. fishingman001

    Rain-X or glass sealant on tank

    I work at a pet store with 3 lines of stacked tanks. I was wondering about putting something on the acrylic to repel the water. My question is will it hurt the fish if water drips in the tank after applying the sealant?
  18. fishingman001

    krib behavior

    I have 6 kribs in a 30 gallon. I want 1 pair to spawn then I will remove the others. I have the biggest of the group staying in a cave. He/she chases most of them away when they get near. I took pictures of the one he/she lets near the cave. I believe it is a female. I have no idea what the more...
  19. fishingman001

    What to do....?

    Ok so I set up my 30 gallon tank. I went to my LFS where I work and purchased 8 convicts. I wanted a pair and then I was going to return the others. So I looked at the tank the other day and saw eggs. A male and female were guarding them. Today I looked and saw another male and female with...
  20. fishingman001

    Tanked on Animal Planet Bacteria

    Just saw this on the petco site. Do you think it works? Does is house the correct bacteria?
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