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    Unidentified intruder in my tank please help

    Leeches are worms. But, I doubt you'll be able to completely eradicate them through water changes. There'll probably always be some tiny straggler left to restart the population. They can be a bit like snails or duck weed in that way. I think all the foods you proposed are possibilities...
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    Unidentified intruder in my tank please help

    Leeches live in all sorts of freshwater habitats...not just dirty ones. I've intentionally kept them in some of my aquariums before, as I think they're interesting. But, I don't know how they got into your tank. Your guess is as good as mine. I'd be curious to know what yours are eating...
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    60 Gallon Tank 60 Gallon Stocking Question

    I've only kept Serpae Tetras in one tank before. And, while they can be a little nippy, I didn't find them to be too bad when they have a group of their own to hang out with. So, I think they'd be fine with Harliquin Rasboras and Panda Corys. How many you can have is more up to your filter...
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    Unidentified intruder in my tank please help

    Those look like leeches to me. Now, not all leeches suck blood. So, they're probably not hurting your fishes (if you have them). In fact, many fishes would love to eat them. Well, it looks like you've found one way to get them out of your tank, :). You could get some sort of sand sifting...
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    Moving Plants to new home - BBA question

    BBA doesn't always respond to the same things as many of the other algae types. That is, you can lower your light and reduce fertilization all you like, but if your plants can can the BBA. BBA has a hard time growing on healthy, fast growing plants. So, one solution is to fill your...
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    Benefits of live plants for a small tank?

    This depends on how you set up your tank. If you go with a balanced low tech tank, you'll probably need to do less water changes. If you go with a high tech, high light tank, you'll do just as many, if not more, water changes. Again, this depends on what kind of planted tank you're setting...
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    How to keep water wisteria grounded

    I use water wisteria all the time, and I've never seen this happen. I usually grow mine in high tech, high light tanks with soil. Perhaps that's the difference?
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    29 Gallon Tank Gourami nipping at other one!

    Welcome to Fishlore. Dwarf gourami males are usually aggressive with each other. It's unlikely anything will improve. I think your best bet is to return the second male.
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    How tolerant of pH changes are cardinal tetras?

    I've found cardinal tetras, and most soft water fishes for that matter, to be quite tolerant of pH changes. I've kept cardinal tetras in high tech tanks where the pH can swing a point or more from day to night. It doesn't bother them at all. So long as your pH doesn't swing outside their...
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    Fertilizers for a newbie

    In my experience, shrimps and such do fine with a little copper (like <1 ppm). Once you get much higher than that, you might start to see issues. I started loosing shrimps and snails when my source water had 1.3 ppm copper. So, first you'll need to find out how much copper is in your source...
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    30 Gallon Tank Hillstream loaches and rosy barbs in a planted tank.

    I remember reading an article a while back about zebra danios. Apparently, a stressed zebra danio releases chemicals into the water that, in turn, stress all the other zebra danios around them. It's thought to be some sort of warning system. Like, "something bad is happening, be ready to...
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    What fish do I have?

    I don't know what they are, but I believe I see adipose fins. Look at the middle fish in front of the "A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness" brown thingy. Considering this, I think you have some sort of tetra/characin there.
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    Need proven algae eater.

    No algae eater eats all types of algae, so results may very depending on what type of algae you have. My favorite algae eating combo for a smaller tank, like a 10 gallon, are Ramshorn and/or Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) with Amano shrimps. I've used this combo in several small planted tanks...
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    What type of deficiency is this? Stunted Amazon sword

    To me, it looks like you're off to a good start. If you want super fast growth, you'll need to add a CO2 system. The addition of CO2 will make your plants grow 5-10X faster. But, that means you'll need to do a lot more trimming and maintenance to keep up with all that growth. So, it's a bit...
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    Internal sump intake suggestions

    Wow, I've never seen a filter intake that low. Usually, they are put at the top to skim surface water and maintain a consistent water level in the tank. Therefore, I vote for your second option: "Make a new filter intake higher up by blocking the intake at the red arrow and cutting a new intake."
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    What type of deficiency is this? Stunted Amazon sword

    Well, it may be something else. But, I still suspect it just needs time. The underwater leaves are often shorter than the out of water leaves on the same plant. I'm assuming this is a low tech tank with relatively low light? If so, don't expect your plants to grow all that fast, especially...
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    What type of deficiency is this? Stunted Amazon sword

    Perhaps it's just a young plant. If so, it will just take some time for it to grow larger.
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    My new 10 gallon shrimp tank build

    In regards to stacking stones and rock piles. Here is a video you may find helpful: .
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    Red-Eye Puffer Community

    I had no idea. I'm feeling inspired to look into them more. Thanks for sharing.
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    Is this the dreaded bba?

    I'm unsure, but, yes, I think that dark colored algae on your rocks is the beginning of BBA.
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