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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    It is done, the 306 is retired, the 407 is up and running. Took me the whole afternoon as I had some trouble starting the 407. Then cleaned out the hoses ... what a flow difference that made, it is incredible. And during my re-decorating I found my long lost Tiger Nerite :) , I could not...
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    Is this black beard algae?

    As long as they are floating, you could pour some excel into a plastic and immerse the plant, swish it through the liquid. Do not let it sit, it just needs contact. I then drop the plant back into the tank. It works pretty well and only needs one treatment.
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    Parts shouldn't just fall of my koi, right?

    What are the other fish in the tank? Any fin nippers?
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    How to keep water wisteria grounded

    Yes, I have the same problem. When I push the stem into the substrate, it just disintegrates. Now I wrap a plant weight around the lower part of the stem, it takes some time and the roots will grow into the soil. I then remove the weight. When the plant gets to gangly, I just cut it off and...
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    60 Gallon Tank Hello from Idaho with interest in planted aquariums

    Keep us posted in regards to your CO2 adventure....I am tempted, but too much of a chicken :(
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    Have you guys ever had a “friendship breakup”? Did you ever come back together? - Updated

    People are always individuals, they develop and grow. If two people continue to grow having the same interests, this friendship will continue. If their interests are developing different, many decide it is not worth the effort. Friendship done. There seems to be a very clear indication that your...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    My Fluval 306 is losing flow, I guess after a year those pipes are getting clogged. So I took the excuse to order a Fluval 407 (in preparation for my tank size upgrade). It arrived yesterday, and installation is planned for today. Will be a bit messy as I have to work with the inline heater...
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    How to save plants when there is a week long power outtage?

    Swords should survive pretty easy for a week without much light, as well as a lot of stem plants. Water wisteria is hardy, floaters will make it as well. There are more options out there. Do you use CO2?
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    Help! Betta fin rot??!!

    Keep us posted :)
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    I guess I need to change my user name

    The only other option would be BelovedPapa ???
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    Help! Betta fin rot??!!

    Nice tank and I love yellow Bettas. Can you please clarify, you stated you have the tank three weeks, but you got the Betta four weeks ago? I would agree with Rose of Sharon as to do more frequent smaller water changes. Say you do a daily 20% WC for a week, see if that helps a bit with his fin...
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    I guess I need to change my user name

    DoublePapa would come to mind...Congratulations!!!!
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    Pleco caves and water quality

    So in my 55gl I have a year old BN pleco and he uses a terracotta pleco cave during the day. With the cave being closed at one end, what kind of impact does this have on the water quality in that cave? I can imagine that he does not get a lot of water exchange in there and wonder if it is...
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    Feeling very stressed.

    With your life so full of duties, giving away your tank is giving the fish a chance for a better life. That feeling alone should give you relief and make the decision easy. Ask friends if anybody wants fish, the LFS may help, the local classifieds.... We all had to make some tough decisions in...
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    Sick Betta Fish, looks like fin rot?

    Sorry to see your Betta in trouble. You mentioned other treayment trials, could you provide a short summary? My experience with the Betta and fins comes down to water changes... lots of them. With a normal once a week 25%-50% water change, my Betta's fins would be absolutely shredded. His sweet...
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    Ick outbreak!!!

    So I understand that the fish in the planted tank are nearly over the ich. In that case I would invest into a bucket or plastic container, a sponge filter, a heater and set it up for the Betta. Treat it like a fish in cycle, meaning daily water changes and parameter checks to keep him healthy...
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    20 Gallon Tank Do betta know? Tale of Goku a happy betta

    He is absolutely gorgeous, keep us posted about his progress.
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    Ick outbreak!!!

    Help me have a big healthy tank. That one is off limits for any addition at this time. Then you have a bare 10 gl with ich tetras and a planted 10gl with ich tetras. Those Tetras I would combine in the planted tank. I would be careful with calling them cured. Did you see any...
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    Ick outbreak!!!

    If you could combine the tetras in the planted tank, then clean and use the bare tank as QT for the Betta, this may be the best solution. Another QT option for the Betta would be a bucket with a heater and sponge filter, then daily water changes as you would do for a fish in cycle. Adding some...
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    20 Gallon Tank Betta fish’s tank mates

    Bettas and tankmates are a gamble....May be some additional plants breaking up line of sight would help, providing more hiding spots for all inhabitants. When the tank is a bit more filled with grown plants you may want to try again with additional fish.
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