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  1. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Water test results for fishless cycle, what should i

    Not sure if it’s at 0 ppm or 0.25 ppm
  2. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Is my tank salvageable?

    Alright all the stuff I’ve ordered for my tank has arrived! Everything except my turbo start 700 but here’s what I’ve got -dr Tim’s ammonium chloride - seachem prime -fresh water test kit - imagitarium replacement filter sponge pro - fluval eco spec flex bio max - medium prefilter sponge...
  3. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Starting my tank all over again, need some advice!

    As sad as this is to admit I think I’m going to have to start my tank all over again :[ I’ve weighed all the pros and cons and there’s too many cons! First of all I started this tank without the necessary preparations such as: missing appropriate supplies, not having enough knowledge on how the...
  4. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Need some advice for fishless cycle set up!

    I’m gonna be using these products for my fishless cycle and I need some opinions! Does everything look good for the set up? Do I need to switch any items for different ones? Any help is greatly appreciated <3 First items are for my aqueon 20 gall quiet flo filter: - medium sized prefilter...
  5. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Dirty filter!

    Still going thru my fishless cycle and my filter has already clogged up with brown looking muck on the cartridge and sponge it came with. I was wondering if I could just rinse those two in some water (in a separate bowl of course)) from my aquarium and put it back in place? Would that take away...
  6. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Need advice for sponge filter replacement

    Hello! I currently have a quietflo 20 gall filter and am considering switching to making my own sponge filter instead of having to change out these flimsy cartridges every month. Thinking of purchasing these 3 items for the new perma filter. What do you think? Good set up or should I go for...
  7. cloverpile

    Clumps of bacteria on wood?

    Still going through the fishless cycle for my tank and I had just finished going through a bacteria bloom but there’s these clumping looking white clouds on my spiderwood only should I be concerned?
  8. cloverpile

    Longest cycle?

    Nothing has gone wrong with my tank whilst it’s cycling so far but I’m curious. What’s the longest you’ve had to cycle your tank for and why? Mostly looking for fishless cycle answers but fish in cycles are welcome as well!
  9. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Hardy fish opinions needed

    I am set on getting my honey gouramis and harlequin rasboras but am curious to know what yalls favorite freshwater hardy fish are!
  10. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Fishless cycle advice needed!

    I am plan on purchasing seachem prime, dr Tim’s ammonium chloride, and either turbo start 700 or tetra safe start plus for my fishless cycle. Do most of y’all prefer turbo 700 or tetra safe?
  11. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Water is foggy, help!

    This is my tank condition from this morning everything looked clear and just fine. I went to the store later that day and got a sign for decor and a fake plant… at around 8:00 PM after hanging around in the room to put in the new decor, moved some of my Java ferns around (without disturbing...
  12. cloverpile

    Spider driftwood floating!

    Yesterday night I got the last piece of spider wood from my LFS and was wondering from your own experience how long do you weigh it down until it’s ‘stable’? Mines currently being weighed down by some rocks.
  13. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank API master test kits how are your results?

    From what I’ve heard results can either be true and trusting or extremely inaccurate. From yalls experience how have your results been with this tester kit? If you don’t prefer it what other brands are recommended?
  14. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank Hand feeding fish?

    Hello! I plan on getting honey gourami and harlequin rasboras. Once they’re use to being around me I want to be able to hand feed them! I loved hand feeding my fish when I was younger. Their little nibbles and curiosity are adorable <3 What are y’all’s experience with hand feeding? Any tips for...
  15. cloverpile

    20 Gallon Tank New fish keeper! Got some questions

    Hello! This is my first post in this forum and I’m very happy to be here Last night my sibling got her very first fresh water 20 gallon tank! I set it up for her and have been the one doing research, whilst educating her as well of course. But I have some questions for stocking her tank and...
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