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  1. Spudsssy

    Feeding fish kombucha scobi.

    Title says it all. Has anyone tried this? I can't find anything online. A clump of bacteria sounds like the perfect meal for my bio film grazers!!
  2. Spudsssy

    Aquatic or terrestrial snail?

    Hi all, I have snails living in the moss above the water level in my fish tank. Started out spotting 2 and now there are loads of little ones so they are breeding. I have waterfall and moss/ soil and plants at back of tank. I have loads of assassin's snails in tank so is it possible they...
  3. Spudsssy

    Betta Died, Whats next?

    Hi all, My betta has passed of old age, and I'm interested to hear your suggestions for a replacement. The tank is 25gallons and is heavily planted. I have 0 nitrate reading after 30% weekly water changes so extra fish ain't an issue. I'm interested in dwarf cichlid's or labyrinth fish that...
  4. Spudsssy

    Kuhli loach Group size!

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my group of 21 Kuhli loaches. They are all around the tank night and day. Keeping Kuhli's in a large group is a must if you want them to be comfortable and actually see them. Hopefully this inspires someone out there to increase the numbers of kuhli loaches they own!
  5. Spudsssy

    Stocking suggestions with betta 25gal

    Hi all, Iv been mulling over my stocking for months. Betta 15 galaxy rasbora 15 kuhli loaches 10 otto catfish Twig catfish Vampire shrimp Amano shrimp Cherry shrimp Assassin snails It's heavily filtered and super heavily planted. Open top with tons of cover. I have so many water root feeders...
  6. Spudsssy

    Planted tank using natural sunlight experiment

    Hi all, If anyone is interested I'll post updates here on my planted tank. Its got paludarium vibes and I'm relying heavily on natural sunlight. Currently I'm running my light 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in the evening I would consider it lowlight with all the planted cover and height of...
  7. Spudsssy

    Ordering Otocinclus catfish online

    Hi, Have you any experience ordering oto catfish online? I am placing a large order from, but I'm not sure how well the oto catfish will travel? Would you advise I wait till my LFS has them? I have never ordered fish online but masterfisch is very highly reviewed. Thank you!
  8. Spudsssy

    10 Gallon Tank 12 year old stunted goldfish. Questions!

    Hi all, I have a friend who ended up with a goldfish that was abandoned..... and it's been living in a plastic tub in his bathroom for years since. It's had a very hard life! 12 years old and 3-4 inches long. Looks like a comet goldfish. He asked me if I want it or just kill it as he is moving...
  9. Spudsssy

    Betta attacking reflection

    Hi, My tank is getting natural sunlight and I want to keep hair algae under control by putting a card on the side on the tank for a week out of every month. Tank is less than 2 months old, but I do plan to eventually keep hair algae in check using natural light combined with tank light without...
  10. Spudsssy

    Ich Treatment advice

    Hi all, It’s been many years since I’ve had to treat ICH. I would like to confirm I am doing this correctly as there are many methods online. I’ve noticed 1-3 spots on some fish so its early stages. Tank 90L 15 galaxy rasbora 7 otto catfish 1 Betta Twig catfish Cherry shrimp I don't want to...
  11. Spudsssy

    Larvae on new floating plants

    Just received some red floaters In post and I noticed a few larvae/caterpillars?? crawling on them.... Should a remove them or leave them? They don't seem to be aqautic... Probably eating plants. Probably best 'dispose' of them incase they are invasive....
  12. Spudsssy

    20 Gallon Tank Open top tank and kuhli loaches

    Hi all, I'm not too experienced with open top tanks... As I usually keep fish which are escape artists! I had holes drilled in my perspex lid in my previous tank for pipe work and I had 4 kuhli loaches escape and found them dried up behind desk. They must of wiggled up pipe work. Sadly I'm...
  13. Spudsssy

    Bonsai tree 90L planted Betta tank

    Hi all, I just setup my new 90L tank and i figured id share the progress here as i have lots of plans ahead. I plan to make background to hold bonsai tree from styrofoam and add a waterfall, airplants and some ferns. I transfered everything from my previous 50L tank and seeded filter. 50%...
  14. Spudsssy

    Hi from Ireland

    Hi all, Alex here! been keeping fish for over 20 years and studied/worked as freshwater/marine biologist. Due to space constraints I have 90L planted fish tank on home office desk. 20 galaxy rasbora, Male betta, 6 otto catfish, Cherry shrimp, 100+ assassin snails that have been breeding few...
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