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  1. CrustaceanDude

    Crabs losing limbs at start or molting?

    I have some red claw crabs (I had them in the past and never saw them drop off a limb right when they start molting) and they're losing 1 limb, one dropped a claw the other dropped a leg. This is a normal period when red claws molt, they hangout in the water more than on land (when I see them...
  2. CrustaceanDude

    Plant experts needed - Anubias plants

    I have anubias plants in my tank (4 red claw crabs, 5 black skirt tetras, 5 ghost shrimp--I think it's 2 now others have been eaten--) and 5 rose fin minnows. The tank is cycled and definitely over filtered. MAIN POINT : I have some leaves and with stems attached still floating around for 2...
  3. CrustaceanDude

    I like crabs

    I Wana ask pros about crabs and fish set ups.
  4. CrustaceanDude

    Brackish crabs land and water

    So a few years back I had a 20 gallon tank and about 10 Thai red claws, one murdered all of them He was the last one left, I had 2 bio wheel filters and 2 moss balls, several anubis styled live plants because they are waxy and my crabs didn't eat them. My Thai red claws lived for 4 years in...
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