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  1. KrissyK24

    15 Gallon Tank Help with female rosy red minnow

    I just got back from a two day trip and noticed my female rosy red minnows anus area is blood red. She's been the only one in the tank for the last week as her mate passed. Theres nothing sticking out just looks like a bump. Ph is 6.5, ammonia and nitrites 0 and nitrates 10.
  2. KrissyK24

    15 Gallon Tank Two female guppies keep having babies with no males.

    So I've been googling this question and have tried looking on here but can't find what I'm looking for. I got two female guppies and was told they were pregnant which was fine. The first babies are now almost 5 weeks old with the second batch of babies almost 4 weeks. I was just feeding tonight...
  3. KrissyK24

    15 Gallon Tank Cardinal tetra, tail missing difficulty swimming

    I just pulled a bunch of hornwort out of my tank to put it in another and I was able to get a good look at everyone. I noticed one of my tetras is looking not good compared to the rest. It looks like his tail is almost gone and he's having a hard time swimming, there is a sponge on the HOB...
  4. KrissyK24

    15 Gallon Tank Just got rosy red minnows looking for advice

    I just got these two minnows I know nothing about them but have been doing some reading on them but I would like to know more from people who have had them. They are currently in a 15 gallon long, temp at 78, and ph is 7.6. Any info about what to feed and any other info is much appreciated thanks.
  5. KrissyK24

    How many honey gouramis?

    I'm about to set up my 40 gallon long tank, I currently have 7 cardinal tetras and 7 harlequin rasboras in a 15 gallon that im going to be transferring over to the 40 and I'm going to be increasing there numbers. Im also wanting to add some honey gourami and was just wanting to know how many...
  6. KrissyK24

    15 Gallon Tank Help with mystery snail

    My snails been like this since yesterday. The water parameters are fine, its a new tank set up 3 days old. I took everything from the old tank and switched it to the new one and I do mean everything. My other mystery snail that is in the tank is fine.
  7. KrissyK24

    Needing some advice

    I recently got a 40 gallon long tank. I already have two freshwater tanks so ive been thinking of turning this 40 into a saltwater tank. I wouldn't be able to have a sump and have read this is not a problem as im on the top floor of an apartment and its just to much weight. Ive read a little...
  8. KrissyK24

    40 gallon long advice

    I picked up a 40 gallon long tank today, first time having a tank over 15 gallons. I have no idea what to stock it with. I was thinking about guppies, then tetras but ultimately I really would like to go with something I never had before something that could only fit in a 40 long. Any suggestion...
  9. KrissyK24

    Guppies and a 15g

    so I was recently told by a breeder of guppies that my 15g long tank would be able to hold easily 25 guppies. My tanks planted but not heavily planted and im running a HOB and a sponge filter. Was she right or just trying to get me to buy way to many?
  10. KrissyK24

    Roach spray, How do i protect my tanks?

    so long story short, the apartment i live in is getting sprayed for roaches. I have two tanks and am worried about the chemicals killing all my fish and plants. Is there a way I can safely protect them for around 8 hours or so?
  11. KrissyK24

    Can i clean this?

    Can i clean this hood somehow or am I better off just getting a new one?
  12. KrissyK24

    Anyone in south sask

    Anyone in Southern Saskatchewan, looking for a bunch of plants and eventually some ember tetras and pygmy corys.
  13. KrissyK24

    Can rats eat aquatic plants?

    So I've asked on the rats form on reddit but so far no answers so im going to try asking on here to see if I get any answers. When I trim my aqautic plants, can I feed them to my male rats?
  14. KrissyK24

    Is this sand ok to use?

    Is this pool filter sand ok for pygmy corys?
  15. KrissyK24

    15 gallon long advice

    so after alot of reading and alot of crossing fish off i think I've come up with a good tank set up for my 15 gallon long, just not sure how many of each or if even all three species will work. Here's my list: 10 neon tetras, 10 ember tetras and 4 pygmy corys. I also plan on getting a aqua clear...
  16. KrissyK24

    What filter to use with cardinal tetras

    what filter is good for a cardinal tetra in a 15 gallon tank, something that is powerful, and does a very good job filtering? There's so many different filters when i Google low output filters, i dont know which one would be better so any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to get...
  17. KrissyK24

    Anyone have any knowledge about wild caught corys

    Hi, I'm currently just waiting for my fish to be done with the quarantine before being shipped to the person im buying them from (i know alot). Im trying to learn everything i can about them. They will be coming in same shipment as my wild caught cardinal tetras. Im trying to make the tank...
  18. KrissyK24

    Anyone knowledgeable about wild caught cardinals?

    Hi, I'm hoping there is at least one person here who knows about wild caught cardinal care. I want to make there habitat as close as possible. Ive been trying to look online but not really getting much. What kind of plants for floaters to block as much light as possible as i read they prefer...
  19. KrissyK24

    Advice about starting the cycle

    So I'm planning on cycling a new tank. I just recently found out about the cycle and did some research last night. Even jotted down the main points so I'd have them if needed. I dont want to do the fish in cycle (ive done that 3 times in my life already without knowing anything) now I know why...
  20. KrissyK24

    Needing advice about size of filter

    I have a 15 gallon long tank, im going to be planting it mediumish. Im stocking it with 10 cardinals and 6, 1.5 inch corys. Im going to be using a 30 gallon filter for sure but was wondering if I'd be better off going with two 20 to 30 gallon filters instead? I'm going to be introducing them...
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