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  1. MisterSnuffles

    Did I Mess Up On Cycling???

    So I got my tank on September 23, and I have been cycling since September 27th. I added ammonia and beneficial bacteria. I've been measuring and ammonia goes down sloooowly. No nitrites but <0.5 nitrates. Didi I do something wrong? I changed the filter on the 25th of September but I hadnt...
  2. MisterSnuffles

    Is My Betta Sick?

    Hi everyone. So i noticed my bettas lips are kinda clearish. He has changed colors a bit before. For example he got some blue lines on his fins and lost a black dot on his head. But never has he ever showed symptoms of illness like being lethargic, not eating, or frayed fins. Heres a pic of the...
  3. MisterSnuffles

    Murky Water After WC

    Hey everyone. I did my weekly wc today and i cleaned a decoration i have. It was full of algae and i cleaned most of it off. After i put it back in the tank the water got cloudy. Should i be concerned?
  4. MisterSnuffles

    Bubbles/Foam on Tank

    Hey everyone. My tank has been cycling for almost two weeks now and I’m noticing dome bubbles at the top. Is this a problem?
  5. MisterSnuffles

    Frogbit Benefits?

    Hey all. So my yen gallon tank (pic below) is going on its 3rd week of cycling (almost there!). I originally was gonna use live plants but decided not to because of stress problems. I tend to stress out a LOT so i decided not to. I am considering plants in the future tho. But one plant I do want...
  6. MisterSnuffles

    Help! Lost Algae Wafer!

    I accidentally dropped an algae wafer in my tank and I cant find it at all. Should I be worried about an ammonia spike??
  7. MisterSnuffles

    Breeding with fake plants?

    Hey everyone. So I got a 10 gallon and decorated it. Its going under a fishless cycle. I decided not to go with live plants because with school and all, I dont want to overwhelm myself with more work. I am interested in Neo Shrimp but do you think they’ll breed at all? Btw Im getting a prefilter...
  8. MisterSnuffles

    Scratch or Crack??

    Hey everyone. So yesterday I got my 10 gallon tank (yay!). After I placed it in my room, I noticed a mark (not yay). I have no idea if its a scratch or a crack but I can only feel it on the outside of the tank. I filled it with just below the crack at the top (also because we have earthquakes a...
  9. MisterSnuffles

    Tank Position Ok?

    Hey everyone. I plant to put my new ten gallon on this dresser. Its pretty sturdy. Never wobbles and have had it for 15 years. What im wondering is if the window will be a problem. Its not sunny today but this is normally how it stays. And i should probably add that this is usually the farthest...
  10. MisterSnuffles

    Neo Color

    Hey all. I was looking at cherrys and then I saw blue dreams, velevets, orange sunkists, and neon yellows. Are all colors of neos hardy enough for a beginner?
  11. MisterSnuffles

    How Many Neo Shrimp In a 10 Gallon?

    Hey everyone. Im contemplating neo shrimp for my ten gallon. Not sure what color, im deciding between yellows, blues, and cherries. Most likely cherries. But anyways, how many can I have in there? Some say 50 and some say 100. And any tips on water changes? Is 10-15 percent every saturday ok...
  12. MisterSnuffles

    Pea Puffer Facts/Pros?

    Hey everyone. Im contemplating getting 2-3 pea puffers in a 10 gallon. My lfs sells them for 6.99 which isn’t bad. My dad doesn’t really care since he knows I’ll do every I can to take care of them. And my mom is umm.. the opposite lol. She thinks its dumb to get them because “its a 1 inch fish...
  13. MisterSnuffles

    Beginner Plants?

    Hey yall. Im getting a 10 gallon soon either with cherry shrimp or 3 pea puffers. The fish are definitely subject to change. But anyways I kinda want to try live plants. Ive never tried them and my mom is afraid it might be too much for me. So far Ive had success with fish. I plan to have small...
  14. MisterSnuffles

    TDS Importance?

    Hey everyone. So for my upcoming 10 gallon I have cherry shrimps as one of the most likely candidates to be chosen. Right now theyre up against another betta and 3 pea puffers. But if I do choose them, how important is TDS? I plan to use city water from my sink. The parameters are as follows...
  15. MisterSnuffles

    10 Gallon Tank Centerpiece and Stocking Ideas

    Hey everyone. I know a 10 gallon is small for a centerpiece ur if you’ve seen my other threads you know i was going for a 20. Well I got demoted to a 10 :(. Thankfully my parents said it was just cuz of size and not trust. Phew. But anyways im having LOADS of trouble on a stocking plan. I have...
  16. MisterSnuffles

    Cherry Shrimps For Beginner?

    Hey everyone! So a while ago I asked if a 20g community or 5-15g shrimp tank would be better for a beginner. So long story short my mom doesn’t like the idea of a 20g so I’m trying to compromise at 15g. Max she allows right now is 10. But anyways I love neo shrimp and really want to keep...
  17. MisterSnuffles

    15 gallon Ideas for Beginner?

    Hello everyone. If you’ve seen my other threads you know I was aling about a 20 gallon stocking. Well I’m throwing that out the window sadly as my mom doesn’t think its a good idea. So I’m trying to compromise at 15 and shes sorta in the middle. So I’m trying to think of a stocking plan but im...
  18. MisterSnuffles

    How To QT Plants?

    Hey everyone. Im a beginner and possibly getting a new tank soon. Anywhere from 10-20 gallons. I am a bit interested in plants but Im scared to qt them. I get all my stuff from my lfs and not once have they ever sold me a sick fish. I rarely ever see a sick or dead fish. They say that they take...
  19. MisterSnuffles

    WC After Molt?

    Hi everyone, So I do my water changes every Saturday and since it's 4 gallons, I replace 1 gallon. I then put dechlorinated tap in a bucket and let it sit for 10 minutes before putting it in the tank. Now my amano, Bubba, molts fairly often. Maybe once every 2-3 weeks. And today, she molted and...
  20. MisterSnuffles

    Syphon and Test Contamination?

    Hey everyone. So in the next 1-3 months, i might get a new tank. Now I have another tank in use and when i first got it, I used an aqueon syphon. It worked but I drank some of the water while sucking it *barf*. Since it didnt have a pump and the lid was to small to fit the whole thing in...
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