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  1. MammaG

    Is your partner supportive of your fishkeeping?

    My husband thinks I have too many fish tanks and he's not happy about my newfound interest in fish keeping. For context: I started with my first tank in November and got hooked on the hobby. All the money I spend on my fish keeping has been earned through a little side gig I have and saved...
  2. MammaG

    Stressed male or female?

    Thanks very much for your insight! I'll stay with the pair and stop worrying now that I know what to expect. They are getting along very well, and im happy to have a peaceful tank.
  3. MammaG

    Stressed male or female?

    Thanks very much! Do you think he'll ever colour up and do you think adding a 3rd male would help or cause more problems? They are in a Flubal Flex 15 gallon, heavily planted with lots of hiding spots.
  4. MammaG

    Stressed male or female?

    Oops! Sorry. Added a photo in my post.
  5. MammaG

    Stressed male or female?

    I brought home a new Honey Gourami yesterday. I was told it was a male, but am starting to wonder. It went into a tank with another male. They aren't fighting, but the male that was already in the tank went into full breeding colours, and the new fish hasn't coloured up the way in thought it...
  6. MammaG

    Harlequin Rasboras in Fluval Flex 15 Gallon

    Hi everyone! I am looking for advice on stocking my Fluval Flex 15. I have 5 Harlequin Rasboras, 13 Exclamaion Rasboras, 2 endlers (that think they are Harlequins) and a Nerite snail. Can I add another 4 Harlequins or is that too much? I've read that you can put 2 Harlequins per gallon, but I...
  7. MammaG

    Switching from endlers to another nano

    I have 8 Least Rasboras with 2 male Endlers in a Flex 15 and they get along fine. The Rasboras are tiny fish. I'm actually planning on adding 2 or 3 more endlers in the next couple of months.
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