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  1. FreshFins

    Bluish purple white algae on filter

    I was gone for a week, and just got back today. I was checking all my tanks, and I realized there was some stuff on my filter and plants. I looks very… interesting? I have never seen algae like this. Is it normal? There is also a white clump that has formed on the filter. How should I get rid of...
  2. FreshFins

    Just found a snail….

    So as the title says, I just found a snail in my tank, and it is currently on my sponge filter. I got live plants back in June, I’m guessing that’s where it came from. So what do I do with the snail? And what kind of snail is it? I’ll post pics below. I posted one picture of my rock with what...
  3. FreshFins

    Breeding fish for profit

    I have two 10g tanks. One is stocked with a single male betta, and the other a single male convict. I also have a 29g with two female mollies, and one male platy (also a bunch of guppy fry I will soon be selling) I have a 20g long which is home to 1 female convict (I have very boring stocking I...
  4. FreshFins

    Emergency!!! Convict laid eggs without male

    Exactly what the title says…. My female convict laid eggs, and she jabs no mate! I want them to survive! I’m totally freaking out, what do I do?? Should I put them with a male, or leave them? I tried moving them, and they might be dead now? I’m very panicked! Please help!
  5. FreshFins

    Live plant beginner!

    So I am still pretty new here, and I have a bunch of questions about live plants! I do have about a year and a half of experience with fish, but I know close to nothing about live plants. I think they need oxygen, not sure if that's right? I am deciding to do a live plant set up to my 29g, and...
  6. FreshFins


    Hi, I have been a fish keeper for about a year or two. I feel like I have a deep connection with fish, and I enjoy seeing them happy, and healthy. I keep livebearers, bettas, and more. I consider myself lucky, as my parents have let me have my six tank! I was always interested in fish when I was...
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