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  1. Batmantheanglefish

    30 Gallon Tank Single fish for tank

    So I recently got a 30 gallon tank and want to only put 1 fish in it. Are there any fish that could go in there and live all by themselves? I wanted to do a larger fish but most need 55+. Thanks
  2. Batmantheanglefish

    Pregnant Danio?

    So I got 2 pearl danios a few weeks ago (to test them out and see how the would do) and notice this one’s stomach is bigger. I’m thinking it’s pregnant? If it is how do I raise the fry as that would be fun to do as I’ve never had a pregnant fish. I have fish with them that would be more than...
  3. Batmantheanglefish

    Aggressive sailfin molly

    So I have a 75 gallon tank that has 2 angels, 1 ram, 3 Discus, 1 Pictus cat and now a sailfin molly. I added 4 sailfin mollies as the fish store told me they were very good community tank fish and would get along with the fish I have. Well the Orange male sailfin killed all three of the other...
  4. Batmantheanglefish

    Fish nightmare....

    So today my fish for whatever reason chose to be violent LITTERATLY every fish. My flowerhorn who I got a few days ago in the 90 gallon decided to push most of the sand around to one side of the tank and it looks awful and every time I fix it he meses it up. My Gourami and ram have been fighting...
  5. Batmantheanglefish

    Pictus catfish hiding

    So I have a 75 gallon with pictus cats, angels, and Discus. He has always been hiding in this pineapple house (which I hate with a passion) that was supposed to be a temporary decor until I got live plants to put in place of it. He eats normal and acts normal and swims out every now and then...
  6. Batmantheanglefish

    90 Gallon Tank Flowerhorn in 90 gallon

    I recently got a 90 gallon tank and was thinking of putting a flowerhorn in it. I know they are extremely aggressive fish so I am thinking about it being the only fish in the tank unless someone else has any suggestions. Also what kind of food should I give it? I have read different things...
  7. Batmantheanglefish

    75 gallon stocking ideas

    I have a 75 gallon tank that currently has 2 Anglefish, 2 Gourami, and a pictus catfish. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what other fish I could add in it? Thanks!
  8. Batmantheanglefish

    75 Gallon Tank What to put in tank

    So I have a 75 gallon tank with 2 Anglefish which are not aggressive at all, 2 Gourami they stay to themselves and a pictus catfish. The tank has been running for a year now and I was wondering what else I could add in it? I was thinking I should probably add more pictus cats as they like to be...
  9. Batmantheanglefish

    75 Gallon Tank New here.

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and just joined the community. I only have 1 fish tank and it has angles, Gourami, a ram, and a pictus catfish in it. I started it about a year ago and never added anything else in it as I have no idea what to put in it. there’s so many options! I will probably add...
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