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  1. Heiress

    Betta tank HELP for large Halfmoon King

    As as a lot of you know I'm a new half Moon mom. He's pretty good size and initially my thought was to put him in a 5 gallon tank. But we were told not to do that by Petco. We were actually told that he would struggle and possibly pass away that it wasn't healthy and they didn't do well in...
  2. Heiress

    Azazel has a white lump& Gerbaud

    First first of all I want to say thank you for everyone's help. Unfortunately Gerbaud did pass away. We woke up one morning and he was gone. It's rough even seen his little tank I've put all of his belongings away. When when I'm able to get over it maybe I'll use them for a new buddy. Anyway...
  3. Heiress

    Color Changing and I'm scared.

    He has a 1.5 gal tank he loves. It's got a bit of hiding for him and I put leaves from his native habitat and ecosystem to give his water the appearance of such.
  4. Heiress

    Color Changing and I'm scared.

    Ok. New here. I have 2 betta fish. My newer lad is a Halfmoon King. Azazel. He is the largest Betta I've ever seen EVER. IVE SEEN A LOT. And he was the strangest color. He was a pink hue, almost clear like I could see inside him with black blotches and red blotches. Gorgeous. Most beautiful fish...
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