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    90 Gallon Tank Lionfish tank

    so we bought a 90 gal tank on facebook and hubby is talking about putting son's favorite fish (lionfish) in it what would be good tank mates can we do slate as a substrate with sand in the cracks? would regular aquarium decor last long? stock list right now - 1 lionfish - 1 tang - 1 longnose...
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    38 gallon saltwater reef tank

    The equipment I have is: - 38 gallon tank - Aqueon quietflow 30 LED PRO - Coralife LED seascape light - Live Sand - Live and Dry rock - 150 watt submersible heater - 2 Aquatop MaxFlow MCP-1 circulation pump (660 gph each) - undersink RO system Is that everything I would need? Also is that good...
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    10 Gallon Tank 10 gal reef tank

    My son got a 10 gal kit at a yard sale. Dad said he can do salt water this time so now he wants a reef set up. is this to small any suggestions on a easy set up with a couple of fish (maybe a clown?) and some easy coral? we've had a fresh water tank for about 4 years over 3 moves (different...
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    Restocking My 55 Gal

    My 55 gal has 1 common placo {the other fish died due to an ammonia spike in the tank) my son wants angelfish, cichlids and a shark I know you can have south american cichlids with angelfish (since they are cichlids) I want fish with color and movement I was thinking kribensis cichlids but i'm...
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    My Fish Are Dying

    we don't know what's killing them we've had them for 2 years and the water quality is fine we had 5 last month, lost two in the last week. no sign of sickness they are just lying on the bottom after we changed the water today we found one dead in one of the statues and one died after the water...
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    stocking cichlids

    We got a aqueon led 29 aquarium kit and cichlid sand my son wants a tank of peacock cichlids. I need to know how many will fit comfortably in this tank (30"x13"x19") I think they grow to be about 5 inches each. I think we also want to get some cory cats if there are any that will tolerate the...
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    not sure what's up with my female? opaline gourami

    I got a pair of opaline gourami 6/12 and put them in my uncycled 55 gal tank with 7 other fish(husband and son were impatient and petco was accommodating) one died and I did not replace it because I wanted to wait until the tank finished cycling now i'm not sure what's going on with the other...
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    stocking my planted 55 gal tank

    So i'm looking at stocking my new to me 55 gal tank it has 4 live plants, a heater, tetra whisper ex70 filter, an air pump with 2 air stones, some decorations that provide hiding places, gravel, 5 zebra danios, 2 white skirt tetras, and 1 Opaline Gourami (female I think). my tank is currently...
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    used gravel vacuum

    so I was given a 55 gal tank and fish stuff from my uncle that had been sitting in his garage for 5 years amoung the stuff was a gravel vacuum that has green stuff growing in the tubes is it safe to use or should I get a new one?
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